Sahana Software Foundation Projects

Sahana Technical Projects

Technical Projects produce deliverables (“Products”), e.g., standards, software, language packs, etc.

Sahana Coordination Projects

Coordination projects have responsibilities for deliverables across multiple Sahana projects and be responsible for managing dependencies and facilitating communications with other projects, both within the Sahana Software Foundation, and with external parties.

The Directors of the Sahana Software Foundation have established the following Projects:

Sahana Product Development Project Management Committee

The Sahana Product Development Project Management Committee has been established as a Coordination Project of the Sahana Software Foundation, with responsibilities for coordinating deliverables across Sahana technical projects and products, including initially the following existing Sahana products: Sahana Eden, Sahana Mayon, Sahana Vesuvius and Sahana Kilauea.

Sahana products governed by this PMC are to include any work of art that:

  • is promoted as a supported Product by a vote of the PMC.
  • Is wholly contained in a Master Branch, a read-only public revision-controlled repository that constitutes the most recent, canonical state of a particular product in its entirety (also known as trunk), that is publicly accessible and hosted (along with any Release Branches, [read-only, public, revision-controlled repositories that contain snapshots of a product taken at intermittent points in time and indicated by a unique identifier]), on the Foundation’s infrastructure or a public revision-control system in an account owned or otherwise fully controlled by an Officer of the Foundation and administered by the PMC.
  • Possesses at least one (1) publicly-accessible support channel administered by the PMC.
  • Uses an OSI-approved open-source license for all original work and OSI-compatible licenses for any derivative or redistributed work.
  • Contains code in its Master Branch and Release Branches that comes only from Project Contributors who have signed a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) or is otherwise the intellectual property (copyright and patent license) of the Sahana Software Foundation through a Software Grant Agreement (SGA).

Responsibilities: The mission of the Sahana Products PMC is to provide an infrastructure that enables creativity, encourages best-practices, lowers the barriers to entry, and facilitates communication in support of the development and deployment of Sahana Software Foundation products supported by the PMC.

In service of this mission, the PMC will:

  • Provide oversight of the products, ensure that all legal issues are addressed, that procedure is followed, and that each and every release is the product of the community as a whole.
  • Ensure the long term development and health of the community as a whole, and to ensure that balanced and wide scale peer review and collaboration does happen.
  • Communicate with stakeholders, domain experts and users.
  • Coordinate with other Sahana Software Foundation Committees and Projects.

The Sahana Products Project Management Committee is responsible for:

  • The administration and support of Master Branch and Release Branches of all products promoted by the PMC.
  • Facilitating communication within the project membership and between the project and other Sahana Software Foundation entities.
  • Coordinating release schedules with the Sahana Software Foundation CEO and any designated marketing team.
  • Nominating a Chair, by election, from the members of the PMC.
  • Appointing Master and Release Branch Managers, responsible for approving and administering merges into promoted product branches, and Support Managers, responsible for routing product support requests to the appropriate support channel, from amongst the project contributors.
  • Ensuring that any use of the Sahana name by a product promoted by this Committee adheres to the Naming Conventions for Sahana Projects and receives board approval.
  • Publicizing its motions and decisions to all project members.


The Members of the Sahana Product Development PMC are:

  • Fran Boon (Chair)
  • Praneeth Bodduluri
  • Graeme Foster
  • Michael Howden
  • Dominic Konig
  • Greg Miernicki
  • Glenn Pearson
  • Pat Tressel
  • Charles Wisniewski
  • Ramindu Deshapriya
  • Usman Akeju


  • Eden - Branch/Release Manager: Fran Boon
  • Eden - Support Manager: Pat Tressel
  • Vesuvius/Kilauea - Branch/Release Manager; Ramindu Deshapriya
  • Vesuvius/Kilauea - Support Manager: Ramindu Deshapriya
  • Mayon - Branch/Release Manager - Charles & Usman
  • Mayon - Branch/Release Manager - Charles & Usman


Sahana Standards and Interoperability Project Management Committee

The Sahana Standards and Interoperability Project has been established as a Coordination Project of the Sahana Software Foundation, with the responsibilities across multiple Sahana Technical Projects. The mission of the Standards and Interoperability Project is:

  • recommend common standards to ensure interoperability, synchronization and synergy between Sahana projects and between Sahana and other open source projects.
  • set minimum standards for interoperability between Sahana software projects
  • promote the use of Open Standards for data exhange and interoperability, including, but not limited to those of such governing bodies as OASIS, OGC, and others as appropriate.
  • participate in working groups such as the OASIS Emergency Management Technical Committee, W3C Emergency Information Interoperability Framework Incubator Group (EIIF XG) and/or its successor.


The Members of the Sahana Standards and Interoperability Project PMC are:

  • Nuwan Waidyanatha (Chair)
  • David Bitner
  • Praneeth Bodduluri
  • Fran Boon
  • Mifan Careem
  • Chamindra de Silva
  • Chad Heuschober
  • Greg Miernicki
  • Glenn Pearson (joined 4/14/10)
  • Mark Prutsalis
  • Louiqa Raschid
  • Nilushan Silva

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