Google Summer of Code 2010: Survey Tool

This project is part of Sahana Eden Google Summer of Code

Executive Summary
  • Abstract: In the aftermath of a natural disaster, it is imperative that the extent of the damages be evaluated in a timely manner. Enter stage right, Survey Tool: A tool to create, manage, and enter surveys to assess the needs of the peoples affected by the natural disaster to deliver the much needed aid in an efficient manner.
  • Student: Robert O'Connor
  • Mentor(s): Michael Howden, Mark Prutsalis and Gavin Treadgold
  • Mondays at 0200 UTC Calendar Note: Calendar lists UTC-4.
Project Plan and Timeline

I have chosen to use the SMART Goals that were recommended during the application process. This project has been broken up into discrete, measurable steps and clearly outline the milestones for both the midterm and final evaluations. The User interface will be designed “wizard” style.

Midterm Evaluation Milestones: 24 May - 12 July
GoalMeasureDue DateStatus
Implement the Survey Template pageUser is able to manage/create a survey template6/11/2010Completed
Implement the Survey Series pageUser is able to create/manage a survey series and associate a survey template with it.6/15/2010Completed
Implement the Survey Section creation pageUser is able to create a section and assign it a name and description6/15/2010Completed
Implement the question creation pageUser is able to create and manage questions6/23/2010Completed
Implement the question configuration options pageUser is able to: create a question, then based on question type configure certain options6/25/2010Completed
Implement the ability to create sectionsUser is able to create a survey template, create a section, and add questions to it and create an “instance” of that survey.7/7/2010Sections tossed – but complete in a different regard
Test that everything worksAll tests pass and the application functions as it should. – “Wizard” UI Completed. 7/9/2010Completed

Final Evaluation Milestones: 13 July - 9 August
GoalMeasureDue DateStatus
Implement the ability to enter the surveys and manage themUser should be able to select a survey and be able to answer its questions; then export the data entered for Excel (or related spreadsheet program)7/23/2010Not Yet Complete
Design and implement the “Home” screenUser is able to view surveys: that were: recently created,recently added and recently completed7/27/2010Completed
Test the code from above goalAll Tests pass and feature functions as it should.8/3/2010Completed
Perform house cleaningCode is refactored where necessary; UI is tweaked as necessary8/6/2010Completed

Code must be regularly committed to the project branch for consumption by both the community and mentor.
Additionally: Weekly progress reports on Fridays will be sent to the mailing lists outlining work completed during that week.

If time permits the following may be added, not REQUIRED, but a “nice to have”:

  • Analysis capabilities
  • PDF Export
  • Localization (outside the scope and only if the above works)

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