SahanaCAP FireFox Addon

Sahana CAP FireFox Addon is CAP alert reader for Mozilla firefox, based on IdenticaNotifier Addon. Here are the basic details about the addon:

The addon allows a user to subscribe for various CAP servers and see the alerts produced by these servers. A small icon of the 'Sunflower' appears in the status bar after installing the addon. User need to subscribe for the alerts by entering the server url in the preferences settings. The preference setting allows,

  • Subscription for alerts
  • UnSubscribe
  • Set Update Interval
  • Set Popup Interval
  • Set Shortcut keys
  • Set Popup enable/disable
  • Set sound enable/disable

Also, user can filter the alerts using the filter window which provides,

  • Filter by category viz, safety, Met, Health
  • Filter by time

Alerts are shown in a popup window, and when any new alert arrives notification appears, with sound if enabled.Each alert is shown with following information,

  • Alert Title
  • Alert Category
  • Time
  • Severity
  • Link to source

Databases, sqlite database is used, there are two tables, alerts and subscription, which stores alerts and subscription details respectively.

Screenshot of the addon installed on Firefox 3.0.11

The source is hosted here

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