SahanaCamp and Workshop


2nd – 5th July 2010
For Programmers and Web Designers who are interested in building Information Technology Solutions for Disasters and Development

Sahana Workshop "Information Technology Solutions for Disasters and Development"

3rd July 2010
For people working for NGOs/UN/Government/Other Agencies and others interested in Information Technology Solutions for Disasters and Development


29 Rajpur Road
Civil Lines
Delhi - 110054





Sahana Workshop is a one day event which will provide an introduction to how information technology can be used to assist organisations working in disasters and development. It will include opportunities to share experiences and lessons learned with others who have worked in this area. You’ll get hands on experience using the Sahana Eden ( platform which was deployed in response to the Earthquake in Haiti and includes SMS and Mapping technologies. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to share your real world needs for information technology solutions to provide input for the future development of Sahana.

SahanaCamp is a four day long intensive event, for programmers and web designers who are involved or interested in helping organizations working in Disasters and Development. You will be introduced to programming in Python on the Sahana Eden Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform. You will be developing real solutions to meet real needs such as Logistics, Organisational Management and Mapping or according to your needs. You’ll be working alongside members of the core Sahana Eden development team, who will be there to support and encourage you. SahanaCamp would be ideal for programmers and web designers who are developing solution for Disasters and Development organizations. Participants are expected to have existing programming or design skills (and will certainly learn some new ones during the camp!).


Spaces are limited. Applications close 14th June.

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