The Quest for the Sahana Logo

The Community got together to come up with a new Logo for Sahana. IMHO, its high time the logo we have been using for the past 2 years be replaced, and maybe this initiative will add more life to the effort. Lets hope that a new and slick logo surfaces at the end. All these submissions took place on the sahana-maindev list.

  • Diresh Dodanduwa came up with the initial Sunflower Theme for Sahana Phase I, which was used in the header/banner for Sahana phase1
  • Prabhath Sirisena created a modified version of the header/banner with a different Sunflower for Sahana Phase II
  • Joseph Priyanga further modified the Banner, to what is used currently.
  • The Term Earthflower was coined by Paul Currion, and was used throughout the discussion.
These are the contributions we have received thus far:
  • 1: Posterized Earthflower by Francisco Sarmiento III

Posterized Earthflower Francis: Just a background: I have only 2 graphical elements in mind - the sunflower and the living earth. Interplay of both elements have come up with a single central them - the sunflower embracing the earth or the earth resting on the suflower, which points to the nurturing nature of SAHANA itself - nurturing and bringing hope and relief to the obstacles and difficulties that disasters bring. Don't worry, the images used are royalty-free.

And of course, the battlecry of being “Coz disasters are NEVER proprietary” bringing a strong signal that SAHANA is one of the many FOSS initiatives that must remain free to the choice of humanity. No extreme commercialism. Only pure sharing and transparency to the worlld community that it aims to serve.

  • 2: Iconized Earthflower by Fancisco Sarmiento III

Posterized Earthflower Francis: Same comments as above

  • 3: Philippines Sahana Initiative Logo by Engels Antonio

Engels: This was my first idea. The flame and wave stand for disasters. They form the shape of an “S” for Sahana. Coincidently, the resulting color scheme is similar to the Philippine flag's. My second take. I added a sunflower since it was the symbol chosen by Sahana's creators. It should look like an “I” for initiative. It can also be reversed to become an exclamation point to denote disaster. The sunflower in the previous logo looked detached and out of place. Here, I replaced the yellow flame with the sunflower. The final PSI logo is an “S” (for Sahana) made up of earth (represented by the sunflower, which is also a symbol associated with Sahana) , fire (flame), and water (wave) - elements normally involved in disasters.

  • 4a: Vectorized version of Earthflower logo(2) by Antonio Alcorn

Antonio: It's vectorized, a .svg/illustrator version is available if desired. there's a slight gradient right now but that could easily be removed to make it 2-color. The globe is an orthographic projection centered on the Americas, generated from freely-available boundary data. I could just as easily have centered it on .lk or somewhere else, but I didn't think of it. I guess I have an american bias. :) But that could be changed.

  • 4b (left) & 4c (right): Vectorized version of earthflower with cloud layers by Antonio Alcorn

Earth with cloud layers, not showing a specific region. 4c has longer petals than 4b

  • 4d: Vectorized version of earthflower by Antonio Alcorn

Petals look more realistic than 4b,4c

  • 5a: Earthflower Vector by Francisco Sarmiento III

  • 5b: Earthflower Vector with Text by Francisco Sarmiento III

  • 6a: Earthflower vector v02 by Francisco Sarmiento III

  • 6b: Earthflower vector v02 with Text by Francisco Sarmiento III

  • 7: Earthflower with Computer by Francisco Sarmiento III

  • 8a: Earthflower in Hands v1 by Francisco Sarimiento III

  • 8b: Earthflower in Hands v2 by Francisco Sarimiento III

  • 8c: Earthflower in Hands v3 by Francisco Sarimiento III

  • 8d: Earthflower in Hands v4 by Francisco Sarimiento III

  • 9: Sample logo design by Hayesha

  • 10a: Sample logo design by Asad Ahmed

  • 10b & 10c: Sample sticker design by Asad Ahmed

  • 10d & 10e: Touched up Logo & Sample sticker design by Asad Ahmed

  • 11a, 11b, 11c, 11d, 11e, 11f and 11g: Sample sticker design by Dilini Pandithage

  • 12a, 12b and 12c: Sample Banner design by Dilini Pandithage

  • 13a, 13b, 13c, 13d: Sample Logo design by Amila Sajayahan De Zoysa

  • 14a, 14b, 14c, 14d, 14e, 14f, 14g : Sample Logo Design by Kamaleshwar Morjal

  • 15 : Sample logo by Tim McNamara

  • 16 : Sample logo by Tavish Naruka <tavishnaruka at gmail dot com>

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