Sahana Person Registry (PR) Coordination Meeting Notes

June 2, 2009 1800 UTC

Attending: Mark (facilitating); Chamindra; Nishantha (PR Mentor); Kethees (PR GSOC 2009); Glenn & Greg (LPF customization of MPR) ; Khushbu Mohta (DVI GSOC 2009); Dominic (DVI Mentor)


1) GSoC Projects

  • Nishantha will be mentoring Kethees' PR Project (PHP)
  • Dominic will be mentoring Khushbu's DVI Project (Python)

2) Long Discussion about Dominic's proposed approach to persons

  • see chat logs for details of discussion
  • potential conflict arises if PR gets too far into tracing and tracking
  • agreed that DVI would be a separate app and People API would be a refinement and improvement of existing Sahana practice (Glenn's summary)

3) People API

  • some discussion about People API improvement as part of broader improvements to Sahana, e.g., more class-based
  • API & xml export schema to be PFIF compliant
  • Kethees will consider today's feedback to further refine his schema

4) Further project information and references

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