GIS IRC Meeting July 11, 2007 12:00 UTC



Roll Call

  • bitner – David Bitner, Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • nfolson – Nate Olson, UK and Kentucky, USA
  • nazgul – Mifan, Columbo, Sri Lanka
  • SahanaGIS – Thinesh, Google SOC student
  • SahanaGuest – Sriganeshan, Google SOC student
  • nhv – Norman Vine, Boston, MA, USA
  • Testbaudson – Christoph, Germany, Mapbender Dev
  • flavour – Fran Boon, Oxfam

Raw IRC logs:


Mifan gave a summary of what has been done for GIS in Sahana to date.

  • GoogleMaps module
  • OpenLayers
    • WMS Sources
    • GeoRSS Feeds
    • Currently layers are hard coded

Thinesh gave a summary of his work on the GIS module.

Sri gave a summary of his work on the GPS module

  • upload / download GPS data from units to server
  • discussion to let stock GPSBabel or other tools handle conversion
  • have one format that Sahana can pick up and pull into database
  • need discussion on how to store the waypoints/ tracks in the database

Further research / discussion needed

  • How should GPS information be stored in the database
    • Waypoints just as float lat lon columns
    • Tracks ???
  • WMS catalog design

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