Sahana Agasti

Module Manager

An Accepted Google Summer of Code 2010 Project

Student: Kusum Kumar

Concept and Main Mentor: Greg Miernicki (domain/tech) (US National Library of Medicine)

Co-mentors and interested parties:

  • Glenn Pearson (domain) (NLM)
  • Shreekant Kant Bohra
  • Chamindra de Silva (SFF)
  • Charles Wisniewski (CUNY)

Original Project Concept

Sahana [Agasti] features a framework that allows new sections of the site to be written in the form of modules. Currently, this framework identifies and installs all modules that reside in the /mod folder of the site's installation. This is far from optimal as most instances of Sahana 'in the wild' do not use all of these modules. So, for example, a typical installed instance of Sahana may choose to utilize only 5 of the (currently 40) modules that come with it. The way to do this would be to uninstall/disable modules that are not needed via a Module Manager.

Preliminary work has already been done for this effort in the form of :
- Module Manager interface (not completed) built into the Admin Section of Sahana
- The specification of what constitutes a 'module' in terms of packaging, file contents, and associated metadata files is already underway.
- Aggregation of this information on the wiki will be performed by the Mentor previous to the GSoC student discussing the points, fully spec'ing out what needs to be done and fulfilling on the actual coding implementation

If the above work is completed, additional research/work could go into providing a Sahana Module 'App Store'. The app store would host modules and integrate with the module manager such that searching for new modules, installing new modules, and upgrading existing modules could be performed.

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