Aggregator Mashup Portal

Aggregator Mashup Portal of the SAHANA Disaster Management System is used to fetch data from different SAHANA instances and make user views on that. When a disaster occurs, it is a general situation that many SAHANA instances may deploy by different authorities. Fetching data from these different instances is crucial since we can use them to make decisions. The Aggregator Mashup Portal provides users to fetch data from different instances by locating them using instance's URL.

Main Features

  • The user can locate services by specifying URL of the SAHANA instance and this system is automatically get the information about the services provided in that SAHANA instance.
  • User can save mashups that created so far for future use.
  • User can add new SAHANA instances to the created mashup or user can Delete a mashup.
  • User can view the data in the mashup in a tabular form, in different SAHANA instance's data in different tables.


The Mashup Portal can be access by all the end users who use SAHANA instances.


Currently user can locate the web services by specifying the URL of the particular SAHANA instance. Once the user specify the URL of the SAHANA instance, the system can automatically retrieve the information of the services in that SAHANA instance. Here is the screen shot of the specifying of SAHANA instance URL.

Access Method

The user can select the access of the particular SAHANA instance, either as normal mode or secure authentication mode. In the secure authentication mode, it achieves by public key infrastructure. The following picture shows the access method selection mechanism.

Select Modules

Once select the particular SAHANA instance user can select serivices provide in the intance from a drop down menu. The user can only select one serivice for a specific Mashup. The following is the selection mechanism.

Select Method

Once a particular service is selected by a user, he can choose the data representation model of that service from a drop down menu and then load the data to the mashup. Also user can sve this mashup by giving a name to it. Once it done the mashup will show as follows.

Add services

The user can add new services from different SAHANA instances to the created masup by giving the URL of that SAHANA instance. once URL is specified system automatically select the service from the instance and load the data into created mashup.

Edit Mashup

Add Services

The mashups created and saved by the user can edit if the user wants to add new services or new SAHANA instances to the stored mashup. User can add new SAHANA instances to the mashup or add new services to the mashup.

Delete Mashup

Also user can delete any mashup that he already created using edit function. To delete the mashup user needs to specify the URL of the mashup.

Filtering Data on Mashup

Filtering the data loaded onto the mashup is an another important feature on Aggregator Mashup Portal. The filtering function provides user to filter data according to different instances added to the Mashup. After filter the data according to different criteria, the Data will be dispalyed in different tables, each for one particular instance.

Filtered records view according to the web services url

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