The list below provides the policy for the minimum requirements and recommendations to run the Sahana system.

Software Requirements

Apache HTTP Server

Apache HTTP is an open source web server. There are many versions of Apache web server for different operating systems. Users can download Apache from
version 1.3 or later

MySQL Database server

MySQL is an open source database engine Sahana uses for storing its information.
Users can download mysql here
version 4.1 or later

If users want to manage Sahana MySQL database, you can do it either by using command line interface of graphical MySQL manager like MySQL Administrator or MySQL Query Browser. Go to MySQL GUI tools

PHP parsing engine

Sahana is based on PHP scripting language. Prior to installing Sahana on your computer, users have to install PHP parse engine.
Users can download php from
version 5.0 or later with latest php5-gd lib is recommended.

Users can either install Apache HTTP server, MySQL and PHP as three independent packages or as a single bundled package as WAMP / LAMP. If users wish to install bundled WAMP / LAMP users can download it from

GIS requirements

The GIS functionality has a few requirements for the base system above a non-GIS Sahana instance:

Hardware/OS Recommendations

  • 486+ Computer recommended
  • 256 RAM recommended
  • Ubunutu, Debian, Redhat, Windows XP, OS X recommended

Minimum Skill Dependencies

  • Users: Basic IT literacy and ability to use web based applications is required.
  • Administrators: Ability to setup software dependencies as indicated above is required.
  • Developers: PHP, MySQL development knowledge is required.

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