The following provides the list of committers maintaining the various modules and libraries in Sahana

Module Maintainer(s) Backup or Non-committer
Missing Person Registry (mpr) Miyuru, Greg Miernicki, Isuru?
Disaster Victim Registry (dvr) Miyuru
Volunteer Management (vol) Trishan
Organization Registry (or) Ravith, Ravindra
Camp Registry (cr) Mifan
Situation Awareness (sm) Mifan, Fran
Home Module (home) Chamindra
Admin Module (admin) Chamindra
GPS module (gps) Sri, Mifan, Fran
Inventory Management System (ims) Mahesh
Catalog System (cs) Mahesh
Request Management System Mahesh Kethees
Reporting System (rs) Ishan Hayesha
Messaging Module (ms) Sri, Mifan, Pradeeper, Jo
Housing Registry (hs) Kethees
User Preference (pref)
XST interface (xst) Jo, Chamindra
Web Services (ws) Ravindra
Syncronization (sync) Jo, Ishan
Web Installer Ravith, Chamindra
Libraries Maintainer(s) Backup or Non-committer
front controller (index.php) Chamindra
Stream libraries (lib_stream*) Chamindra
Base Template Handlers (lib_form) Chamindra
Configuration (lib_config) Chamindra
GIS libraries (lib_gis) Mifan, Fran
Location handlers (lib_location) Ravindra
Menu Handler (lib_menu) Chamindra
header, footer, section handlers Chamindra
Database Handler (lib_db) Ravith
Security (lib_security, handler_login) Ravindra, Ravith
Online cam (online_cam) Ravith
Localization (lib_locale) Prabath
Module management (lib_modules) Chamindra
Reporting libraries (reporting) Ishan
web services (lib_ws) Ravindra
User preferences (lib_user_pref)
AJAX libraries (lib_ajax) Ishan
Paging (lib_paging) Ishan
RSS (lib_rss) Jo
Error library (lib_error) Chamindra
Exception library (lib_exception) Prabath?
Image (lib_image) Jo?
UUID (lib_uuid) Ravindra
ApplicationSP (lib_asp) Pradeeper?
Logging (lib_log) Chamindra
CSS and themes Jo, Hayesha
XForm(lib_xform) Hayesha

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