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This page is designed to capture ongoing discussion about possible moves to a new framework on which to base the next version of Sahana. The intention will be to construct a matrix of identified requirements and capabilities against the frameworks to better assess the choices in an objective manner. Please add anything that you feel require.


To identify the most suitable underlying framework upon which Sahana 2.0 should be built.


The requirements section is designed to capture the high-level requirements as well as more detailed capabilities.

High Level

Following is a list of requirements we look for in a new framework.

Detailed Capabilities

(intended to provide more detailed capabilities that link back to the high-level requirements eventually) If possible, please link to a Wikipedia page that describes the capability.


Quality Assurance

  • Form Validation
  • Error and Exception Handling
  • Security
  • Auditing
  • Logging
  • Backup
  • Unit Testing - underlying framework should have unit testing for QA purposes

Working List

(this is a working list that we will try and categorise and move into sections above)

  • Web Services SOAP/ RSS / REST
  • Strong Web2.0 Support (Builtin JQuery, Mochikit, Xajax etc etc)
  • Easily integratable with existing Portal Frameworks, such as Yahoo Pipes, iGoogle. ( I think this would go with web services & REST) (Optional)
  • Mobile Device Support (Optional)
  • Easy installation and deployability, easy to customize
  • Less bulky.
  • More modularity with low coupling.
  • MVC ?
  • Should we go with SOA ?
  • Scalability and performance.
  • Large developer ecosystem - e.g. choose a well supported framework
  • Less complex framework, so that the learning curve is minimized, hence will reduce the customization time by new users/developers in immediate deployments.
  • Strong geospatial capabilities
  • Work flow engine
  • Temporal database ?

Framework Options

These are sorted alphabetically.

Comparison Matrix Feel free to edit.

Specific Framework Notes

Additional pages with links specific to each framework. More detail can be captured on these pages.

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