Form Validation

It is important to validate all data input so that users see the behaviour they expect & the database isn't contaminated with bad data.

Some of this can be done client-side using JavaScript (quicker, especially on slow connections) however it is critical to also do server-side checking as some users may have Javascript turned off & also malicious users can bypass the client-side checks.


This library is in the code-base for server-side validation:


There are functions for checking valid email addresses, dates, GIS coordinates, etc

Validation occurs after the form is submitted & before the database is actually updated, e.g.:

if ((shn_valid_x_coordinate($_POST['x_center'])) && (shn_valid_y_coordinate($_POST['y_center'])))
 add_confirmation(_("Changes were saved"));
 //Update Database
} else {
 add_error(_("Coordinates invalid"));

This JavaScript file is in the code-base for client-side validation:


However it doesn't appear to be referenced by any of the code yet.

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