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Broader Objectives:

  1. Effective Keywords management to handle various[large in number] module functions of Sahana
  2. Manage keyword sessions from a particular user/cell number.

Communication Protocol:

  1. IRC: #sahana on [Channel is logged at ] troll at as well :)
  2. Code commits, use pastebin ? And “Ajay” can merge them on his local install and commit to trunk later on, after review.

Codes/DB Changes:

  1. SMS related stuff –> /sahana-phase2/mod/msg/ [*sms*.inc files]
  2. Missing Person Registry –> /sahana-phase2/mod/mpr


  • Nandeep Maali, GSoC 2008, Sarai, New Delhi. [irc]
  • Shantanu Choudhary, from Sarai, New Delhi.
  • Piyush Verma, KDE & Ex-GSoC 2007 student, New Delhi.
  • Nirmalaya Lahiri, Kolkatta. [irc]
  • Salil Kothadia, Bangalore.
  • P.C. Kabeer, Kerala.
  • Vivek Khurana, New Delhi.

Sahana functions to convert over SMS

  1. MPR - Basic Search Screenshot of the web app.
    MPR Basic Search

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