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Gheat is a heatmap tile server for Google Maps. Gheat solves the problem of presenting data on a Google map when there is too much data to be well-visualized by map markers.


click here to see the installation guide.

  • Install python.
  • Download aspen and install by running “python install”
  • Download Gheat.If you download gheat from you want to configure aspen.conf,handlers.conf and middleware.conf.
  • Install PIL. (In linux, by running command “apt-get install phython-imaging”)
  • Then go to the Gheat directry from command prompt(shell)and type “aspen”.
  • Open the browser and type “localhost:8080”.If you have successfully installed,it shows directry structure of Gheat
  • Now you can run the example.html


Sample code

Download Sample:

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