GSOC End Summary for Messaging Module/SMS

Author: Ajay Kumar [ ajuonline at gmail dot com ]
Date: August 17 2008 09:36 pm IST

Overview of Features Added:

  1. Login to Sahana system
  2. List of Predefined keywords
  3. Data base interaction with Sahana core using
  4. Input data to Sahana DB
  5. Get data as per Query result from Sahana DB
  6. SMS Event handler added works on Windows/Linux.[in place of smsfwd.c]
  7. Text Menus:
    1. SMS Main Menu after “HELP” is sent - Main SMS HELP Menu sent as response
    2. SMS Main Menu confirming login of user & sending Main menu - Acknowledgement to user with his Name & Main Menu
  8. Proof of concept. 2 Module functions added to demonstrate working of API.
    1. Situation Awareness Module - Search Within a Radius of a GPS coordinate
      1. Input Text “sm search lat long radius” E.g. “sm search 77 77 100
    2. Situation Awareness Module - Add a Situation and plot over map.
      1. Input Text “sm add (name) (description) (lat, long)” E.g. “sm add (Name of Situation) (Description Text) (lat, long)
  9. SMS Caller ID based Menu state & login session handling using DB Timestamps is still a todo. Now since, the Session works as per Sahana session handling, it would be a wise idea to replicate Last menu accessed and other stuff as Sahana session handles in the session array.

Possible Immediate Uses

  1. Publicly Important Information can be made available by setting up an SMS IVR.
  2. Important Disaster Reporting can be done over SMS.

The Getting Started Guide

    1. How to emulate SMS in/out without an actual GSM Modem
    2. Checking hardware compatibility on Windows/Linux
    3. Writing out SMSTools configuration file on Windows/Linux [smsd.conf]
  1. The Important files:
    1. /mod/msg/
    2. /mod/msg/
    3. /mod/msg/
    4. /mod/msg/
    5. /inc/lib_security/
    6. /mod/msg/plugins/smstools/smsfwd/smsevent

Improvement Areas

  1. Enhanced SMS logging with detailed time stamp. SMS Sent, SMS Received. Both System & User/Network Time Stamp.
  2. Addition of a SMS Keyword Syntax check library using comprehensive regex implementation like one demonstrated.
  3. Comprehensive testing

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