Need Assessment Module:


This is basically to address the long term needs of post-disaster situation. So the main objective of this module is to serve the victims to recover their day to day lifestyle. The other objective is to provide a clear image about the damages happened due to disaster. This is very helpful to manage the post-disaster situation. First of all their needs should be collected. Then we can prioritize their needs, as they requested. The needs can be fulfilled with the available resources. This module is to make a mechanism to collect their needs(What the victims lost due to disaster), assess them and find the opportunities to recover the needs.

Need Assessment is simply define as a statement of what needs to be done. The victims may have several needs. This can be as a group(family/team/organization) or individuals. We should consider these two kinds of aspects as well. We can categorize the functionalities to be included on the module.

1.who need? 2.What needed? 3.Recovery process

3.1 Assess the damage
3.2 Recovery

Functionalities provided:

1.Collect information about the victims.

This is already done through the 'Disaster Victim Registry'(DVR). This will be very helpful to decide who need recovery. But the DVR does not handle the long term needs of victims. In this module, the data can be read from the DVR module. If the victim had not been registered yet, it gives a link to DVR module. First of all, we should decide whether the needs to be added as an individual or as a group.

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Once we select this, the user should do a search to select the individual/group.

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2.What they need?

The needs to be defined before adding needs under an individual. So that, the functionality to add needs has been proivded via admin module. Therefore the admin can add the needs using admin module.

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3.What is the hierarchy of priorities?

The victims may have several needs. But all the needs cannot be fulfilled at the same time. Therefore their needs to be prioritize. This may be done according to their demands. Otherwise this will not be useful. The victims should have to report the needs with a hierarchy of priorities.

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Functionalities to be added:

4.Assess the damages and the cost of the needs.

In this area, the damage assessment forms will be provided inorder to get the assessment of the amege to be recovered. Currently, this part is being developped.

5.Recovering needs

When the damage is assessed by an authorized person, We can decide how much of compensations to be paid etc… So the organizations who provide those services can be connected with these requirements. Or else these data can be viewed to the authority to make their job easier. The higher authorities can keep this as a reference when they going to pay the compensations.

6.Compensation and Fund management

This is for paying compensations and manage the funds for the damages and needs of the victims. Fund management module is already built for SAHANA as a result of last year GSoC proposal. We try to use this module to pay compensations.

7.Report Generating

Reports can be provided based on the assessments. Now SAHANA has report generating mechanism. It can be generate several types of reports. So I hope to use that library to make the reports based on collected data.

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