Setting up SMSTools

  1. Installation Instructions:
  2. While installing Cygwin for SMSTools on Windows please ensure the following dependencies are installed for the “/mod/msg/plugins/smstools/smsfwd/smsevent” bash script to work perfectly. Which is the SMS Event handler for SMSTools. SMSTools calls this bash script and passes received SMS as input to this file which posts the SMS to the Sahana system. Very important component.
    1. SMSTools v3 needs to be compiled under Cygwin
    2. You will need to ensure the following dependencies installed first
      1. libcurl
      2. curl
      3. iconv
      4. awk
      5. formail
      6. procmail
      7. hexdump [linuxutils]

How to emulate SMS in/out without an actual GSM Modem for Sahana interaction

  1. Make sure the SMSTools v3 plugin is activated from the Sahana Administration menu.
    1. Administration→Messaging/Alerting→Plugin Management→ Click SMSTools Radio Button - Screenshot
  2. Specify folders in Sahana SMSTools plugin conf file, where SMS Files can be written by the webapp.
    1. File Name: mod\msg\plugins\smstools\
    2. For emulation purpose you can have these folders anywhere, which can be written by apache/web app i.e. The folder should be writable by the web server.
    3. For e.g. it can be under your www/ folder.
    4. For windows installation of SMSTools v3 under Cygwin all values should be like D:/cygwin/var/spool/sms/outgoing
    5. Else on Linux installs “/var/spool/sms/outgoing” the default SMSTools settings work
  3. Passing incoming SMS to the webapp using your browser. Make sure you have apache/mysql running and Sahana installed, of course.
    1. http://localhost/<sahana-install-path>/index.php?mod=msg&act=receive_message&stream=text&plugin=smstools&From=919957882&From_TOA=91%20international%2C%20ISDN%2Ftelephone&From_SMSC=919868994&Sent=08-06-04%2023%3A41%3A27&Received=08-06-05%2000%3A53%3A38&Subject=C100&IMSI=404363634605140&Report=no&Alphabet=ISO&Length=23&message=sm%20search%2077%2077%20100
    2. From → the senders mobile number
    3. Received → Time stamp of SMS receipt
    4. message → Main input SMS Text
    5. From_TOA → =91%20international → tells if the SMS is coming from a National/International. This is an SMS Meta data. Can be ignored.
  4. Checking outgoing SMS in response to SMS Input
    1. SMSTools SMS files are normal text files. The webapp writes outgoing sms in the Outgoing folder specified in the plugin file.
    2. After each SMS input, look for temporary files created in this folder and open up in a text editor to verify output.

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