Sahana Mobile Hazard Information Center(HIC)


  • Blueprint for portable low cost, low powered HIC
  • Pre-test hardware stack
  • Composed from ubiquitous hardware devices so it can be put together at a moments notice


Low-powered netbook

  • Popular low-powered netbook (eeepc, geko notebook )

Wireless LAN

  • A secured wireless LAN using any of the popular wireless routers

Integrated Mobile Phone

  • Integrated mobile phone for sending and receiving SMS messages

Mobile connectivity to internet

  • 3G, HSPDA or BGAN (more expensive) for connectivity if required to

a central strategic operations center (optional)

Mobile power

  • Power for all the above from a Solar Panel, from the car battery or similar

Pre-configured Sahana

  • Preconfigured LAMP/Sahana distro

Would like to gather thoughts on what you would recommend for each of these areas as recommended device. Based on this I would like to create a Blueprint for a Sahana mobile HIC and a fixed hardware/device spec that we can work towards have a distribution of Linux/Sahana ready for.

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