Localization Team

The objective of this team is to localize Sahana to various countries and regions making the system far more accessable and usable to the citizens in those countries.

Localization includes:

  • Translation to various local languages (which is 90% of the job)
  • Customizing the interfaces to be more accessible and relevant to that country/region
Name Translation Language Contact Information Weekly Commitment
Team Lead: Sudheera R. Fernando - sudheera@opensource.lk 4 hours a week
Sahana Team Sinaha (si_LK) http://sahana.lk/ <?? hours a week>
Wei-Lun Chao Traditional Chinese (zh_TW) william.chao@ossii.com.tw , http://ossii.com.tw, Chinese (traditional) zh-l10n@linux.org.tw <?? hours a week>
Luki Lusiano Bahasa (in_ID) - Indonesia lusiano@urremote.com, http://urremote.com/ <?? hours a week>
Joni Bahasa (in_ID) j_on_ibanez@yahoo.com <?? hours a week>
Ady Bahasa (in_ID) any_ady@yahoo.com <?? hours a week>
Jorge Maturana Spanish (maintainer) http://www.info.univ-angers.fr/pub/maturana/ 1-2 hours a week
Angel “Furri” Soto Spanish (es_ES) angelsotomas@wanadoo.es <?? hours a week>
German Salgar Spanish (es_ES) gsalgar@minutodedios.org <?? hours a week>
Ricardo Beltran Spanish (es_ES) ricardobeltran@ieee.org <?? hours a week>

If you would like to volunteer onto this team please send an email to sahana-maindev@lists.sourceforge.net .

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