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Possible thoughts

  • Who/What/Where
    • Common report for NGO co-ordination, whose presence here would be a big win
  • Integrating the existing GPS module into the Siutation Awareness module.
    • GPS module should ideally be fully-deprecated by the end
  • Data Import
    • We already support overlaying data from external sources, we need to now be able to actually import GeoSpatial data into the Sahana db (from non Sahana sources - from other Sahana instances we can use the overall import/export).
    • Primary need is for WayPoint information (e.g. downloaded from GPS: GPX or imported from KML as that's a very common interchange file in the humanitarian domain)
    • May be best done globally from the GIS Admin section with a post-upload location where each waypoint can be discarded, edited & categorised by module before being comitted to the DB
  • Data Export
    • Be able to publish information via a URL
    • Be able to download information to a file (I'd suggest that 1 mechanism is used where the file is 1st published then the user is given options to 'download now?' & then 'leave available for others or delete?'. If leaving for others then full URL is provided to allow sending to others. Having a place which lists downloadable files would be useful. Do we need to ACL these files?
    • Key file formats for download are GPX (for uploading to a GPS), KML & GeoRSS.
    • May be best done globally via the Situation Awareness module as this should be able to access data from all modules with Filters 'by module' & 'by category'. Essentially the Export routine could save the current status of the filters.
  • Enhanced WikiMaps (e.g. see this for ideas: )
    • Click on icons to filter
    • No need to refresh page when amending filters
    • Try & have a similar look'n'feel between selecting OL layers & filtering on Module (Landmarks, Shelters, Organisations) & Categories within them (Schools, Medical, WatSan Sector)

ToDo list

  • FullScreen view option
    • PHP page without the Sahana Header/Menu/Footer
  • mod/sm: Allow access to Markers from other Modules
    • implement ACL, hence complete sec_policy.xml)
    • Show: Situations/Landmarks/Shelters checkboxes, Dropdown for sub-type, Apply button
    • Provide Legend of Markers used
  • mod/sm: Customise Markers per type: More Situation Details
    • Add new functionality to shn_gis_add_marker_map to choose Marker type when adding a new Marker to a map?
  • mod/sm: Ruler tool
  • mod/sm: Edit/Delete full Situations
    • OL 1st needs to match GoogleMaps in allowing the editing of Descriptions
    • Have separate Edit Situations' button on LHS or is locating on Map sufficient? (ewik action needs fixing)
  • Who/What/Where
    • GIS Reporting in the OR
    • Add ability to show programme locations for each Org
      • A new sub-type, like Branch
    • Add ability to show sector worked on in each programme location (WatSan, Shelter, etc)
      • shn_gis_density_map?
  • mod/gps: Fix Upload Waypoints (file uploads ok, even with spaces in filename)
  • mod/gps: Filter [ALL]
  • mod/gps: Access Markers from across all Modules (call own Markers 'landmarks') - respect ACL
  • mod/gps: KML import/export (avoid re-writing GoogleEarth!)

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