(for discussion, yet to be approved by PMC)

In an effort to improve communication and information sharing between the increasing number of sub-projects within Sahana, the PMC has approved a monthly reporting policy that is designed to create a summary of the key activities undertaken by each sub-project for a month.

This is an attempt to aggregate all the key activities across the project for the month, and allow an aggregated summary to be easily communicated to all project stakeholders.

  • Each monthly report is to be named Project Report yyyy-mm (dev:project_report_yyyymm)
  • A summary of the previous months activities will be emailed out to Sahana User and Sahana Maindev email lists within the first week of each month.

A sample outline is contained below. All subsections should be ordered alphabetically.

<General Message from PMC Chair and Chairperson>


Leads: Pradeeper, Chamindra, Trishan, Mark

<News on Sahana deployments>


Leads: Ravith, Fran

<Progress on Sahana releases>

  • latest releases, new features, new packages
  • new modules
  • outstanding bugs
  • next scheduled releases

Emergency Management and Humanitarian Domain Demands

Leads: Paul, Gavin, Mark

  • Feedback on Sahana from EM and Humanitarian Domains
  • Top domain requirements that Sahana needs to focus on
  • New standards in domain

Multi-Regional Support

Leads: Dominic, Prabath

  • New regions and languages supported
  • New communities formed
  • number and status of existing translations
  • proposed / requested translations
  • tech and non-tech issues that others may be able to help with


Bio Surveillance Leads: Roshan

Sahana Framework Leads: Chamindra, Ravindra, Jo

GIS / Mapping Leads: Mifan, Fran

GPS / SMS Leads: Mifan, Jo, Pradeeper

Reporting Leads: ?

Synchronization and Data Import Leads: Jo


Local Community Update and Outreach

Summary of presentations and other outreach activities undertaken


Leads: Chamindra, Louiqa, Gavin

  • Update from board
  • PMC Policy updates
  • Community size, statistics


The following represents the Sahana leadership team if you need any help

  1. Sahana main-dev mailing list - Ravindra, Chamindra
  2. Sahana user mailing list - Mark P., Pradeeper
  3. Sahana WIKI - Pradeeper, Ravindra, Mifan, Chamindra, Roshan
  4. Sahana Website - Fran, Chamindra
  5. Sahana GSoC Program - David B., Gavin, Pradeeper
  6. General Sourceforge Admin - Pradeeper, Chamindra
  7. sahana IRC Channel - Fran
  8. Sahana Demos - Pradeeper, Viraj
  9. Sahana DNS - Pradeeper, Viraj
  10. Localization and Translation - Dominic, Prabath

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