Sahana Messaging Architecture

The Sahana Messaging architecture follows some important goals

  • Standards Based
  • F/OSS Component Reusability
  • Implementation independent plugin-architecture

Messaging in Sahana is currently implemented as a module under <sahana-folder>/mod/msg.

The Sahana Messaging is designed with reuse and standards in mind.

Overview Architecture

Features of the Current Messaging Module

  • Module independent API for external modules
  • Developer is able to use the API independently regardless of the actual plugin or data used.
  • Plugin architecture similar to the Sahana framework which automatically detects and handles Messaging plugins
  • Messaging framework and administration section with plugin architecture
  • Kannel plugin
  • SMSTools plugin
  • Ability to send SMS or e-mail to Groups from templates
  • CAP Alerts
  • Surveying: Conduct surveys by sending survey questions: receive responses as survey reports
  • Advanced Contacts management
  • Auto-refreshing SM receiving interface

User Guide

To be delivered later:

Potential Existing Projects

  • GeoSMS - MIT license, so code freely usable, however uses a very different stack, so maybe only UI ideas useful
  • PlaySMS - GPL, not LGPL

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