Kannel - The SMS gateway

Kannel is a compact and very powerful open source WAP and SMS gateway, used widely across the globe both for serving millions of short messages (SMS) and pushing WAP service indications. Kannel is used as the sms gateway in the SAHANA 0.5 alpha release's messaging module. It uses either GSM/GPRS modems or phones as virtual SMSCs to send and receive sms from/to the SAHANA system. Further information on Kannel is available here.

Kannel Configuration for Sahana

Kannel Compatibility

Below is a list of phones/modems that are compatible with kannel as virtual SMSCs. ie These phones/modems can be used with Kannel in SAHANA alpha 0.5 to send sms alerts or messages.

Phones that work as virtual SMSCs with kannel

  1. Sony Ericsson K608i
  2. Sony Ericsson K700i
  3. Sony Ericsson K750i
  4. Siemens M20
  5. Siemens SL45
  6. Ericsson T68
  7. Ericsson R520m

Modems that work as virtual SMSCs with kannel

  1. Wavecom WM02-G1800 modem
  2. Wavecom WM02/M1200
  3. Siemens TC35
  4. Nokia 30
  5. Nokia 32

These are not the only phones/modems that work with Kannel,this is a list of phones and modems we have tested up to now,that work fine with Kannel. As there are more phones and modems which work with kannel,but we have not tested this list is to expand. However using a modem instead of a phone is always preferable.

Kannel is unable to retrieve SMS from Symbian series 60 class phones. These phones can be used to send sms through kannel,but not to receive,due to security issues in these phones.

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