Recipients/Award-Winners of the Google Summer of Code 2007 under Sahana

The Google Summer of Code, held annually, is a competition/internship for students. Google selects a quota of students out of the numerous who apply for various projects, and they are then expected to work with the relevant community to complete the project as per requirements and time schedule. At the end of the program, successful students are awarded a (very attractive ;)) package.

Our special thanks goto Google, for their continual support, and for giving this opportunity to both the students and Sahana, where both benefited immensely.

The following students are the proud Google Summer of Code recipients for 2007, under the Sahana project (in alphabetical order):

Agnieszka Kulikowska

  • Country: Poland
  • Project: Sahana Meta data based dynamic report generation []
  • Mentor: Mifan Careem
  • Info: My name is Agnieszka Kulikowska and I am Polish. I am the daughter of Elzbieta and Zbigniew since 1982. I am a computer science engineer with all my heart and soul. At the moment I am earning a MSc degree at Wroclaw University of Technology, placed in Wroclaw - the most beautiful city in Poland. My major is of course computer science and specialization is computational statistics. I am interested mostly in statistics and data analysis. That leads straight to data mining. Apart from science I am an amateur of basketball, swimming, and bike riding.

I was working on “Sahana Meta data based dynamic report generation (tables, charts and maps)” project. It was thought as an extension allowing advanced Sahana users to generate freely defined reports, not only to choose from some pre-defined reports.

Dinishika Nuwangi Weerarathna

  • Country: Sri Lanka
  • Mentor: Pradeeper Dharmendra
  • Info: I'm a student, free and open source advocate, and playing with web development area. At the moment I'm working at a company named wso2 as a trainee. I attended to st/joseph balika maha vidyalaya in Kegalle and now I'm a undergraduate of faculty of IT, university of Moratuwa. My hobbies are sleeping, shopping, gardening and listening classical music. Other than that I'm keen to learn jewelery designing,but I still didn't find a chance.

Ishan Liyanage

  • Country: Sri Lanka
  • Mentor: Ravindra de Silva
  • Info: Hi, I am Ishan Liyanage, 22 years old (born in 1985) software developer. Now I am contributing to Sahana project. I am really interesting in FOSS and like to share my knowledge with others. Specially, I am passionate GNU/Linux user as well. In recent I just started to contribute to Google Desktop (Developed few desktop gadgets so far and more on the way ;) ). I like to do my developments mainly using PHP and Java very much. My interests include playing and watching soccer,

cricket and rugby.

I am a Computer Science undergraduate of University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. My blog - Quote - “Success in life is not determined by how we are doing compared with others but by how we are doing compared to what we are capable of doing. Successful people compete against themselves”

Prabath Kumarasinghe

  • Country: Sri Lanka
  • Mentor: Isuru Samaraweera
  • Info: Hi I'm Prabath Kumarasinghe, Associate Software Engineer who would like to explore the world of open source. I had obtained a Bachelor of Computer Science Degree from University of Colombo School of Computing (When GSoC happened I was an undergraduate student), hold Professional Diploma in IT(DNIIT) from NIIT Sri Lanka, and sucessfully completed Cisco Network Academy Program with overall avarage 89% (Currently reading for CCNA).

Apart from my academic career I played Badminton at national level and represented Sri Lanka for several world class Badminton games. I had obtained one year national colors and two year school colors for Badminton. Since 2002 I had given up my sports career and began to study: that's why I'm here. Now my hobby is computer code reading, blogging (, Swimming, Football, Cricket, finally Badminton. I'm proud of myself to be a recipient of Google Summer of Code 2007 for Sahana.

Dinusha Kumarasiri

  • Country: Sri Lanka
  • Mentor: Isuru Samaraweera
  • Info: Hello..Im Dinusha a 4th year undergraduate of University of Colombo School of Computing. I was born in December 1984.A few years back I started experimenting on FOSS stuff. From then onwards, I'm a passionate FOSS advocate. I've been in the web development arena for 1 year. In the meantime I'm a CIMA student currently reading for the final exams that would be held in late November 2007.I am interested in business process Automation, Financing and Accounting developments

I like to play cricket and soccer whenever I'm free. And also I'm very much interested in automobiles.

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