<General Message from PMC Chair and Chairperson>


Leads: Pradeeper, Chamindra, Trishan, Mark

<News on Sahana deployments>


Leads: Ravith, Fran

<Progress on Sahana releases>

  • latest releases, new features, new packages
  • new modules
  • outstanding bugs
  • next scheduled releases

Emergency Management and Humanitarian Domain Demands

Leads: Paul, Gavin, Mark

  • Feedback on Sahana from EM and Humanitarian Domains
  • Top domain requirements that Sahana needs to focus on
  • New standards in domain

Multi-Regional Support

Leads: Dominic, Prabath


35 language branches are set up for translation of the 0.6.2-stable release.

Languages with relevant amount of translated strings:

Language % translated Comments Speakers worldwide
Portuguese/Brazil 100% new 240 Million
Spanish/Latin America 100% 447 Million
German 98% 185 Million
Indonesian 98% 162 Million
Russian 97% 278 Million
Simplified Chinese 95% new 867 Million
Burmese 88% 25 Million
Arabic 71% new 290 Million
Sinhala 69% 16 Million
Hindi 60% 600 Million
Total 3110 Million

We've had some substantial support from translate.org.za (the people that made the Pootle), which lead to two further important languages Sahana is now being translated to (Arabic+Portuguese) - with impressive progress.

To support translators, we're currently working out a translation glossary for Sahana, which contains translation hints, terminology clarifications and all “untranslatable” strings such as technical abbrevations and codes and the like. Beside for application with the Pootle terminology hinting feature (thanks to Samuel Murray for this tipp), the glossary will be published to the Sahana translation Wiki.

It remains a major problem that many messages in the PO template contain typos, ambiguous formulations, uncommon technical terms and abbrevations (e.g. L10N), special codes (e.g. CAP), inconsistent terminology and partly incorrect english, so that the translators from time to time don't even understand what's meant. To solve this, we are currently putting together wish list on these issues, which can soon be discussed with the developers. Improving the quality of the original messages will improve the quality of the translations and will lower barriers for translators, especially if they are not so familiar with the Sahana matter.

Next Top Priority Translations:

  1. French (!)
  2. Dutch
  3. Italian


Bio Surveillance Leads: Roshan

Sahana Framework Leads: Chamindra, Ravindra, Jo

GIS / Mapping Leads: Mifan, Fran

GPS / SMS Leads: Mifan, Jo, Pradeeper

Reporting Leads: ?

Synchronization and Data Import Leads: Jo


Local Community Update and Outreach

Summary of presentations and other outreach activities undertaken


Leads: Chamindra, Louiqa, Gavin

  • Update from board
  • PMC Policy updates
  • Community size, statistics


The following represents the Sahana leadership team if you need any help

  1. Sahana main-dev mailing list - Ravindra, Chamindra
  2. Sahana user mailing list - Mark P., Pradeeper
  3. Sahana WIKI - Pradeeper, Ravindra, Mifan, Chamindra, Roshan
  4. Sahana Website - Fran, Chamindra
  5. Sahana GSoC Program - David B., Gavin, Pradeeper
  6. General Sourceforge Admin - Pradeeper, Chamindra
  7. sahana IRC Channel - Fran
  8. Sahana Demos - Pradeeper, Viraj
  9. Sahana DNS - Pradeeper, Viraj
  10. Localization and Translation - Dominic, Prabath

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