Proposed Module Packaging Guidelines

Module Manager sub module in admin module is being extended to ease installation and uninstallation of modules. To achieve this, module packaging has been proposed, developers who develop new modules for Sahana would require to follow these guidelines to enable module manager to install and uninstall their modules. Here are the proposed module packaging guidelines:

  • Module files should be compressed to single .zip file.
  • All required module files should be in this .zip file without any sub directory in it.
  • All .sql file should be in subfolder 'inst' , these queries will be performed by module manager.
  • Each module package should have a file '' with the following details in it
    1. Module Name
    2. Module Author Name
    3. Module Version Number
    4. Sahana Version it is compatible with
    5. Unique GUID
    6. Licence Details

An example may look like this:

  global $about;
$about['mod_pr_name'] = _t('Person Registry');
$about['mod_pr_author'] = 'Kethees';
$about['mod_pr_version'] = '0.1';
$about['mod_pr_sahanaver'] = '1.0';
$about['mod_pr_guid'] = '82323';
$about['mod_pr_license'] = 'GPL';

The branch for module manager on launchpad can be found here

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