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Quality Assurance check List

The following checklists and tables give a breakdown of the checks we will be performing and the respective owners in Sahana every time we do a release.

I) Functionality Testing

  • Basic minimum test to ensure the system is functional
  1. Check for broken Links
  2. Check if submission of all form data actually went into the system correctly
  3. Check if form tests for the existence for required fields
  4. Check if the validation of email, telephone and other fields
  5. Are proper error, warning messages given that give the user enough information
  6. On submission of the form are there a proper confirmation message
  7. What happens to the table/form if there is a large number of entires (try 1000-10000)

Ownership Matrix

Missing Person Reg Ishan Reporting Ishan Disaster Victim Reg Ishan
Request Management Chamath Inventory Chamath Housing Registry Dinishika
Organization Reg Hasitha Messaging Prabath Administration Dinusha
Synchronization Hasitha Catalog Chamath Shelter Reg Prabath
Situation Awareness Prabath Installer Dinusha Volunteer Mgt Hasitha

II) Usability Testing, Data Privacy and Intuitiveness

  1. Will the target user be able to understand the navigation on this page
  2. Do the page and content titles properly descibe the page for the target user
  3. Are the links and actions (e.g submit/links) off this page well described
  4. Is the terminology intuitive and are abbreviations explained
  5. Is there sufficient help on the page for a completely new user
  6. Is potentially sensitive data being shown to users who should not be privy to such information
  7. Can the range of data privacy/protection needs been addressed when access control lists are enabled

Ownership Matrix

Missing Person Reg Gavin Paul Reporting Paul Disaster Victim Reg Gavin
Request Management Don Paul Inventory Don Paul Housing Registry
Organization Reg Paul Messaging Cham Administration Paul
Synchronization Catalog Don Shelter Reg Gavin Paul
Situation Awareness Don Paul Installer Gavin Cham Volunteer Mgt Don

III) Standards Validation and multi-Client Testing

  1. Is the UI consistent with the rest of the site and other pages
  2. Is it valid XHTML / CSS
  3. Does the page look fine without CSS
  4. Is there HTML formatting in the XHTML (which should be in the CSS)
  5. Check layout in different browsers
  6. Check layout on different window sizes
  7. Check the print version for proper layout / formatting
  8. Check with different font sizes

Ownership Matrix

Validation Linux/Firefox Windows/IExplorer OS X/Safari
Modules Nishadi / Sammani Mifan Nishadi / Sammani Gavin
Web Installer Dinishika Mifan Dinishika Gavin
Administration Jo Mifan Charitha Gavin
Reporting Jo Mifan Charitha Gavin

IV) Installation Media Testing

  1. Test the proper installation of the Sahana packages, LiveCD and LiveUSB

Ownership Matrix

Windows/WAMP installation (zip) Sammani
Portable App
Nullsoft installer (exe)
OS X Installation (zip) Gavin
Debian installation (deb) Pradeeper
Ubuntu installation (deb) Mahesh
Redhat installation (rpm) Anuradha
FreeBSD installation (tar.gz)
LiveCD test
LiveUSB test

V) Accessibility

  1. Check mobile layout and functionality
  2. Can the visually impaired use this page
  3. Is the ALT tag being used for images
  4. Is this website usable without a mouse
  5. Does tabs work in the right order
  6. How effective is this for the touch typist / Data entry personel
  7. Does the page take too long to display
  8. Does the end of a submission return you to a relevant page

Ownership Matrix

Missing Person Reg Ishan Reporting Anuradha Disaster Victim Reg Ishan
Request Management Chamath Inventory Chamath Housing Registry
Organization Reg Hasitha Messaging Anuradha Administration Dinusha
Synchronization Sheran Catalog Chamath Shelter Reg Prabath
Situation Awareness Prabath Installer Dinusha Volunteer Mgt Hasitha

VI) Security Testing

  1. Check SQL/PHP injection attack
  2. Check HTML/Javascript injection attack
  3. Are passwords properly secured
  4. Is the access to the data restricted to the correct users
  5. Is data privacy concerns been addressed? Do unauthorized people have access to sensitive data?
  6. You penetration testing tool such as NESSUS

Ownership Matrix

SQL/PHP injection attack Ravindra
HTML/Javascript attack Chamindra
Password security Pradeeper
Access Control List Ravindra
Session hijacking Ravindra
Penetration testing Chamindra / Ravindra

VI) Load / Stress Testing

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