Sahana Release Team

The following release team will ensure that Sahana is released consistently and regularly and that each release is of high quality.

Role Person
Release Coordinator Mark Prutsalis / Mahesh
Domain/QA Review Mark Prutsalis, Gavin Threadgold
Release CVS tagging Pradeeper Darmendra
Change Log Ravith Botejue
Source Packaging Ravith Botejue
Bugs and Showstoppers Mark Prutsalis
Upload to Sourceforge Pradeeper Darmendra, Fran Boon
Update of demo site Pradeeper Darmendra
Deb, RPM Packages Ravith Botejue
Fedora Repository David Nalley
Windows Installer Praneeth Bodduluri
Portable App version Chamindra de Silva
Solaris Package Greg Miernicki
Online Documentation Tim McNamara
L10N Packages Dominic Kong
News Items Fran Boon

Other Possible Roles

Role Person
User/Admin Documentation
Installation Guides
Security Testing
Usability Testing

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