Sahana Bug Finding Day 2009-11-27


A full three days - 72 hours - of communal bug-finding on the Sahana 1.0 Release Candidate code. A demo site has been provided for everyone to use for testing and validation.

Priorities and Sequence of Testing

We need to test the entire 0.6 code - all features and functionality. The following table contains the suggested order of testing based on the process of setting up Sahana for use. If not complete, please do the admin system configurations first… then sign up to take responsibility to test a module (or sub-module). Your mission is to break Sahana if possible. Press every button - try to omit data that should be required - try to go back and edit and make sure your changes take, etc. Mark status as “complete” when testing is complete, “in progress” during tested, and “not started” before testing.

Module Dependencies Function Assigned IRC Nick Status
Installation Installation and set up of database Jo hevayo not started
Admin - Setup Locations Pradeeper pradeeper not started
Admin - GIS Configuration Add Google Maps API, switch between OpenLayers & Google Maps, Set default centering Mifan nazgul not started
Admin - Module Configuration
Admin - System Security not started
Admin - Language/Locale not started
Admin - Disaster Levels mahesh mahesh done
Admin - Config Utils true / false 0/1 confusion not started
Situation Mapping GIS Config not started
Situation Mapping Functionality Nilushan nilushan done
Missing Person Registry Dilantha dilantha not started
Disaster Victims Registry Locations, Shelters, Organizations Niranga niranga not started
Organization Registry Locations mahesh mahesh Done
Request/Aid Management Shelters, Locations, Organizations Kethees sks done
Shelter Registry Locations Jo hevayo done
Web Services not statred
Inventory Management Locations, Aid Catalog Kethees sks started
Messaging Module Test sending of sms and email - fail gracefully Mifan nazgul started
Volunteer Management Locations, Organizations Nilushan nilushan done
Aid Catalog Nilushan nilushan done
Reporting System not started
Synchronization Dilantha dilantha not started
User Preferences Jo hevayo done

Test Site

Testing should take place on the demo site at This has been set up to be only manually refresh and flush data only after bugs have been validated and patches have been applied by committers. The password for “admin” account on the the demo site is : PassWord123

If the login fails: Please clear the cookies on the domain and try again.

Instructions to Download Source

Instructions to download the relevant branch from CVS

cvs -z3 co -r rel_0_6 -P sahana-phase2

Location to Register Bugs

We are going to be using the Trac ticket system to register bugs, critical feature requests, and typo/spelling errors that need fixing for the 1.0 release.

Please enter a new ticket within the Trac ticket system for Sahana here: Anonymous access has been enabled so should not have to be logged into Sourceforge or have a Sourceforge ID in order to enter a new ticket into the system - but this doesn't appear to be working (I get a blank screen when not logged in).

If you are unable to enter a new ticket on Trac - please report the details of the bug to the #sahana room and someone will post it for you - alternatively, send a message to the Sahana Developer's list - sahana-maindev AT lists DOT sourceforge DOT net.

Fixing Bugs

The priority for Bug Finding Day is bug finding… and we expect bug fixing to take more than a day. That said, if developers produce patches - these can be applied and tested by committers who are available.

It would be helpful if people could sign up to take responsibility to fix bugs - these will be assigned to you on Trac based on the modules or sub-modules or piece that you volunteer to fix. Please fill out the table below:

Name Sourceforge ID IRC Nick Committer (Y/N) Bug Fixer for Module/Sub-Module/Function


The primary means of communication will be #sahana on - alternatively use the Sahana developer's list - sahana-maindev AT lists DOT sourceforge DOT net


These people are involved in this Bug Finding Day. We recognise all contributions whether bug hunting, bug fixing, making commits, helping out on IRC etc. Make sure to add your name! :) (Can you please list sorted by surname/last name/family name? Could you make your surname capitalised too?)

* Mahesh KKS
* Joeseph Priyanga Fonseka
* S Kethees
* Nilushan Silva
* Mifan Careem
* Dilantha Silva 

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