Author: Sahan C Priyadarshana


Sahana Mobile is a Free and Open Source mini Disaster Management system that runs on Java enabled Mobile Devices. The application is designed to collect, process and upload related data to the server or save temporarily in to the mobile device. The main audience supposed to be the field respoders who would be related to disasters in any way. The uploading to the server would take place when the connection is well-established between the mobile device and the Server. If the connection is not well-formed, all the data would be saved internally in the mobile device.

In technical terms, Sahana Mobile is a stand alone java application, completely written in J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition). Once you have downloaded the software and installed it on your mobile device, you can use it either with the GPRS connection formed or not.

The application basically works in two scenarios.

  • Send data directly to the server when connection is established
  • Save data into your mobile device and send them later when ever the connection is established

User Interfaces are enriched with simple text-based forms which are pre-validated and communicating via HTTP POST method with the server.

The second scenario mentioned above is handled by Record Management System; an inbuilt technology in J2ME. Data exchange is supposed to be done via XML format between the mobile device and the server.

Refer the diagram



  • To assess the field damage
  • To respond to victims
  • To report missing people
  • To register volunteers
  • To search for relief contact
  • To find about shelters
  • To find and make request on Aid

System functionality

Here is the list of functions you can perform

  • Report a victim
  • Find person status
  • Find relief contact
  • Register volunteers
  • Shelter Status
  • Request for Aid
  • Find Aid
  • Report incident (status map ; picture)

The source code is available from CVS:

cvs -z3 co -P sahana-ext

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