Author : Gugathashan Thayalan

       Sahan C Priyadarshana

System Requirements

1) JAVA Enabled Device

It is essential to have java enabled Mobile Device, since the system is built upon JSE 1.5 + JME technology. So it is assumed that user has the JAVA enabled phone. But still there are some issues as followed.

MIDP Specification

MIDP is an abbreviation for Mobile Internet Device Profile. There are two versions available in MIDP, namely MIDP-1.0 and MIDP-2.0. Latest JAVA enabled phones normally comply with MIDP-2.0 standards, while earlier JAVA phones did with MIDP-1.0.

MIDP-2.0 version mobile phones

In order to sahana mobile application MIDP-2.0 JAVA enabled phones are required.

2) GSM Network

GSM network is to be pointed as an essential part in this system, it is which the technology for following reasons,

     1. Speed
     2. Cheap cost
     3. Guaranties that data will reach the target sahana server.

i.e. user will be fed back with data as he is circumstantiated as to get no notice of it. However user can store the data in record sets (which is inside the mobile phone), in a queue and send them when he got covered under network coverage area.

3) GPRS Connection

GPRS Connection is needed to send data to the sahana server and receive data from the sahana server.

4) Enabled to Install Software

The phones must be software installable.

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