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Packaging the Sahana RPM.

1. Create the following folder structure.

  +-- /sahana-rpm
  |        |
  |        +-- /usr
  |        |    |
  |        |    +-- /share
  |        |
  |        +-- /var
  |             |
  |             +-- /www
  |                  |
  |                  +-- /html
  +-- sahana.spec

2. Open the sahana.spec file with your favourite text editor and enter the following

%define name sahana
%define version 6.2.2
%define release RC1

Summary: Sahana - an opensource disaster management system.
Name: %{name}
Version: %{version}
Release: %{release}
Vendor: Lanka Software Foundation
License: GPL
Group: Software/Disaster Management
Prefix: %{_prefix}
BuildRoot: /tmp/sahana-rpm
requires: httpd >= 2.0, mysql-server >= 5.0, mysql >= 5.0, php-mysql >= 5.0, php >= 5.0, php-gd >= 5.0, php5-common >= 5.0

Sahana is an opensource software for management of disasters.







3. Execute the following commands

cd /tmp/sahana-rpm

4. Download the sahana source tar ball and extract it to /tmp/sahana-rpm/usr/share/sahana \ The folder /tmp/sahana-rpm/usr/share/sahana should contain all the sahana folders. eg: 3rd, lib, conf, www, mod, etc….

5. Execute the following command

cd /tmp/sahana-rpm/usr/share/sahana/
chmod a+w conf www/tmp
cd /tmp/sahana-rpm/var/www/html
ln -s ../../../usr/share/sahana/www sahana

6. Create a file named '.rpmmacros' in your home directory with the following contents.

%packager      Your name <Your email address>
%vendor     Sahana

%_topdir       /tmp/sahana-rpm

7. Execute the following command to create the rpm.

cd /tmp/sahana-rpm
rpmbuild -bb sahana.spec

8. The rpm file will be created under /tmp/sahana-rpm/RPMS/<arch>/

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