Suggestions for Sahana V1.0

  • A robust and generic system for the sharing of event information (that combines different reporting techniques e.g. SITREPs and others, ideally is machine readable). E.g. some of the outcomes from the recent deployment to Bangladesh. An extension of this may be a means of sharing in near-realtime event information with other authorised Sahana installations. Module Detail (Gavin)
  • Sahana is capable of being deployed with self-contained GIS capabilities that have been fully integrated into key modules. This should include being able to deploy Sahana with OpenStreetMap data as baseline data. This should include both live and install Sahana DVDs that include mapserver, PostGIS, and all data required to produce a fully self-contained Sahana installation with working baseline maps. (Gavin)
+2 - Tim
  • Basic workflow tools that allow the production of forms, and the ability to create processes - such as the creation, editing, approval and distribution of media statements; or for the formal request of additional resources. These will almost always be specific to the organisation deploying Sahana, so we need to have a generic workflow management tool to support this. This is essential for Sahana to be able to be used as a virtual system where not all users may be located in the same physical location, and to support existing organisational processes. This may need to support workflow across multiple Sahana servers - e.g. part of the workflow may require a document to be sent to another organisations Sahana server, where the appropriate user approves it, and then returns it to the originating server. (Gavin)
  • Advanced Sahana Logistics Module
Can you elaborate? (Tim)
  • Dynamic Reporting Functionality
Does this link in with the event sharing suggestion of Gavin's? (Tim)
  • Dynamic Sahana node discovery and P2P data exchange
Could we include a very good automatic data syncronisation capability with this?

Suggestions for Sahana Post-V1.0

  • It might be useful to include community mapping tools similar to OpenStreetMap to enable dynamic mapping of new roads and facilities as response and recovery occurs. Existing OSM data would be used as baseline information at the start of response, but through the use of GPS waypoints and tracklogs we could create new maps for upload to mapping GPS units for responders. I've found the JOSM editor to be quite a nice Java editor for converting tracklogs to OSM. (Gavin)

Pending technical improvements

  • Support of multiple databases and abstract database creation scripts
  • Location Handling
  • Dynamic Localization and remove dependency on php_gettext
  • Exception Handling framework
  • Browser capabilities library
  • Data chronology API for data changes and logs

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