The great slogan parade

The community got together to come up with some great slogans sometime ago. Here are the suggestions that were sent in by the community, and subsequently, the ones that are being used. This discussion took place on the humanitarian-ict list, and the results are summarized here:

  1. “Because disasters are not proprietary” - Prabhath
  2. “Now Open for Disaster Relief” - Don
  3. “Managing disasters so you don't have to” - Prabhath
  4. “Enabling synergistic disaster response” - Chamindra
  5. “Sahana: Passion and Beauty” - Sherine
  6. “Be cheerful while you are alive” - Mifan
  7. “Because we have nothing better to do” ;) - Wendy
  8. “Designed for Disaster” - Bartel
  9. “SAHANA - man maid disaster” - Sahan
  10. “Because the earth is angry”? - Prabhath
  11. “Disaster. It Happens!” - Mifan
  12. “Is this really happening?” - Mifan
  13. “SAHANA - Before the Disaster” - Sahan Chinthaka
  14. “S*hana Happens”? - Paul
  15. “Because disasters are NEVER proprietary” - Francis
  16. “I code for SAHANA. Do you?” - Ajay

Of these, entry no.1 was used in a couple of presentations, and is planned to be used in the T-Shirts as well.

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