Sahana is no longer being developed in sourceforge. The Sahana Foundation is now using Launchpad and can be found here:


The best reference to using sourceforge is it's documentation which can be found ( here )

Shortcuts and tips

  • When you submit a task make sure you assign it to someone, that way tracking to the completion of your tasks / tracker items can be done through your personal sourceforge homepage.
  • Create a shortcut to the following pages in sourceforge to make things easy:
  • Also you can use the adblock feature in firefox to prevent some of the images from loading to make things faster.

Core development team policy


As feature requests and bugs do not capture everything, lets start using the sourceforge tasks feature. I have added all of you as admin+tech to the tasks section which means you can create and assign tasks as well as work on them. Please add all tasks not relevant to be captured in the trackers to this list. Similarly we should not put bugs/feature requests into the task list.

The task list is called “core team”

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