Strategic Plan for Proposed Public Stable Release of Sahana 1.0

DRAFT posted by Mark Prutsalis on 2/13/09 updated 3/2/09 updated 6/29/09

Proposed public and stable 1.0 release of Sahana is to be based on and limited to the functionality and features of RC as decided by the lazy concensus of the PMC.

Before this is finalized, an opportunity to nominate additional features and functionality as being mission-critical to any 1.0 release is going out to the Sahana-user, Sahana-maindev, and humanitarian-ict communities as well as those who have deployed and used Sahana in post-disaster environments where enhancements were made to the codebase - such as recent deployments, customization and l10n for:

  • China
    • review the bug fixes and other extensions contributed by the IBM China team after the Sichuan deployment
    • itemize list of modules affected
    • determine extent to which modules should be merged or replaced with Sichuan code
  • Myanmar
  • others (please add and provide contacts)

In addition, the following additional tasks need to be completed to finalize the functionality and features to be included in Sahana 1.0:

  • Review open feature requests for mission criticality
  • Review open branches waiting for merger into main trunk for mission criticality

Once the scope is decided, the following development tasks need to be carried out:

  • Close all relevant bugs on tracker
  • Clean up Sahana License Dependencies - see 3rd Party Licenses
  • Follow release process and conduct a final QA according to procedures defined on the Development Wiki
  • Single file download and packaged installation program for all OS (esp. Windows XP/Vista and Linux)
  • Decide on and migrate from CVS to GIT and/or BZR as part of release process

Other tasks:

  • Write a user-friendly read-me to package with the installation
  • Revise/rewrite documentation and installation instructions for the less technically inclined
  • Legal Stuff - is the LGPL license issue resolved??
    • incorporate license text into package rather than link

Tasks and schedule and assignments

Phase Task Team Timeframe/Schedule End Date Update
Features/Functionality Nominations from Sahana-User Green February-March 2009 March 15, 2009 open til Apr 1
Nominations from Sahana-Maindev Green February-March 2009 March 15, 2009 open til Apr 1
Nominations from Humanitarian-ICT Green February-March 2009 March 15, 2009 open til Apr 1
Nominations from China Green February-March 2009 March 15, 2009 complete
Nominations from Myanmar Green February-March 2009 March 15, 2009 complete
Nominations from NYC Green February-March 2009 March 15, 2009 complete
Nominations from others? Green February-March 2009 March 15, 2009 complete
Review Open Feature Requests Green March-April 2009 April 30, 2009 not for this release
Review open branches waiting for merger Green & Yellow March-April 2009 April 30, 2009 not for this release
Features/Functionality Decision Green & PMC April 2009 April 30, 2009 complete
Development Close all open Bugs Yellow July 2009 July 15, 2009
Clean up third party licenses Yellow July 2009 July 15, 2009
Integrate any code from features/functionality decision Yellow July 2009 July 15, 2009
Final QA & Release Process Procedures Yellow July 2009 July 31, 2009
Single file download and packaged installation program Yellow July 2009 July 31, 2009
Documentation Read-Me for Installation Package Green & Yellow July 2009 July 31, 2009
Update User Documentation Green July 2009 July 31, 2009
Update Installation Instructions Green & Yellow July 2009 July 31, 2009
Legal Review LGPL License and other legal issues Green, PMC & Board July 2009 July 31, 2009
Release Final Review and Release Green, Yellow, PMC & Board July-August 2009 August 15, 2009

Based on some delays, I updated the project plan to have Sahana 1.0 released on August 15, 2009. This should be possible given the limited scope of the release now planned, assuming that enough volunteers commit to final bug fixing, QA and packaging issues.


Name Purpose Members
Green Domain Experts Mark Prutsalis, Gavin Treadgold
Yellow Developers Praneeth Bodduluri (Windows installer)
Dominic: Bidi UI (Right-to-Left support)

Status Report - March 20, 2009

Ideas received for inclusion in Sahana 1.0

  1. Merging of bug-fixes and enhancements from China / Sichuan deployment (for 1.0)
  2. Staff deployment and other enhancements from NYC deployment (for 1.1+)
  3. Make an RC branch off of trunk past branch to capture many enhancements made for the 1.0 release – let release team work on it to capture bug fixes for trunk from other branches.
  4. Review list of bug fixes required for proposed 1.0 branch and trunk, and update tracker accordingly, such that experimental development can continue towards features planned for 1.1+ releases (currently noted as 0.7 and 0.8 on the wiki – plus GSOC 2009 projects).
  5. Windows and other supported OS installers to include as much auto configuration as possible and easy to follow prompts where user input is needed to set-up Sahana
  6. Document the installation package creation process on the wiki such that future release teams can follow it.
  7. Complete third party library review
  8. include the LGPL license text in the base directory of the package

This list will remain open until the end of March 2009 to allow for discussion of ideas at Sahana 2009 Conference and BarCamp.

Status Report - June 29, 2009

Scope: Limited to code and features. No additional features or functionality being added that does not already exist in code. One possible exception: inclusion of a right-to-left oriented theme to the base package. Is this ready?

Bugs: Only one reported open bug for branch n- Home module – php tag fix – reported by Tim McNamara on 4/14/09 – patch provided – needs to be applied, tested and closed.

In addition, there are five open bugs reported for the 0.6 branch. These need to be confirmed as present in branch – then closed.

Overall – there are 42 reported open bugs (some of these are feature requests). Many (18) are not categorized in a group as existing in any specific branch or the trunk. They need to be reviewed to see if present in branch, then closed. [FYI – 18 open bugs are reported for CVS trunk]

Tracker should be cleaned up – all bugs should be categorized into proper group (release and/or CVS trunk).

License Dependencies: A scan of the 0.6 branch revealed several incompatible licenses included within the Sahana code (i.e. phplot and lastRSS) – see 3rd_party. A suggestion had been made to rescan the code prior to release. In any case, a decision needs to be made and clean-up should occur prior to release. PMC to confirm LGPL license version to include/package with Sahana release.

Release Process: See release_process for process. Need to schedule the following activities:

  • Branching of release (probably not needed – will use branch)
  • QA & final bug fixing
  • Update date & version strings (user-friendly readme text)
  • Inclusion of license text in base directory
  • Packaging for various OS platforms (single-file downloads)
  • Final testing of release packages
  • Complete update installation and user documentation
  • Prepare announcements for release

Next steps: IRC Chat with release team and volunteers within about a week. Need to make assignments for bug fixing, license dependency cleanup, QA, and other activities. I have set up doodle to find out everyone’s available time – please try to respond as soon as possible as I’d like to set the meeting by the end of the day tomorrow. Please follow this link to set your preference for meeting time:

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