Policy on Product Quality

Sahana is a product in the Humanitarian domain with information and functionality that can help alleviate suffering and save lives. Thus we cannot be complacent with the quality of the product and it readiness to respond. With this regard the Sahana system has to be released with a quality that is mission critical.

To this effect we have established Quality based SWAT to improve and maintain the quality of the product covering specialist areas from security, usability, reporting, browser support, load testing, etc. Initially we will “sweep” all the modules “clearing” them for quality until the whole release is covered. Subsequently any code that goes to a release has to have gone through a QA SWAT review.

Quality SWAT Focuses

As this is a weekly activity, it requires the involvement of readily available or mutually redundant teams. You can find the current SWAT team compositions here. Ownership is given below by team name.

Part-time teams (need to improve availability)

Focus Area Volunteers
Online help and documentation Agnieszka,Roshan <other volunteers>

Urgently needed

Focus Area Volunteers
Mobility / LiveUSB / LiveCD <volunteers>

Module Review Schedule

  • Week of 1st OCT - Inventory Management, Catalog
  • Week of 8th OCT - Request Management System and Organization Registry
  • Week of 15th OCT - RMS and Org Reg
  • Week of 22nd OCT - Closure of IMS,CS, RMS, OR fixes and enhancements

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