SWAT Team Introduction

The SWAT teams in Sahana were established to provide a strong focus on quality on the product and to ensure redundant availability of people to work on regular reviews, fixes and releases on a weekly basis. Thus they exist to ensure that Sahana has continuity and weekly actions on the above.

SWAT Team Expectations

Here are the base expectations of SWAT teams:

  • Focused on Quality, Frequent Releases and Standardization
  • Specialization in a key Quality area (e.g. Usability, Data privacy)
  • Weekly Reviews and fixes of 2 modules per week in specialist area
  • Participation on key area of monthly release cycle
  • Weekly availability has to be ensured (by tag teaming for part-timers)
  • Continuous improvement in Specialist area
  • Documentation of standards, checklists
  • Redundant knowledge and availability to respond to disasters and weekly tasks
  • Reporting and fixing Bugs/Enhancements on the bug/enhancement tracker

If you can commit to a SWAT team given the above expectation please first contact the specific SWAT team members and see if you are able to complement them to ensure the above.

Current SWAT Team

The composition and nick name of each team is given below

Name Members
Team Snipers Isuru, Viraj, Hanifa
Team WTH (What the Heck?) Chamindra, Pradeeper, Roshan, Buddhini
A-Team Ravindra, Ravith
Team Hevayo Jo, Ishan, Hayesha
Team Mordor Mifan (aka the Nazgul), Prabath
Team HD (High Def) Dinusha, Hasitha

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