Committer come from the ability of the person to commit (write / update) code to the Sahana codebase. Committership is nominated by a PMC Member based on the number and quality of contributions in the form of bug fixes and patches to the code base and is approved by PMC lazy consensus. The PMC evaluates a nominees ability to adhere to the standards and conventions followed in Sahana such that they will not be a risk to the quality of the Sahana project when they obtain full write access.

Name Committer Since Main Contributions Details / Homepage
Chamindra de Silva December 2004
Mifan Careem December 2004
Sudheera Fernando December 2004
Pradeeper Dharmendra August 2005
Ravindra de Silva August 2005
Janaka Wickramasinghe August 2005
Prabhath Sirisena August 2005
Joseph Priyanga May 2006
Mahesh K.K.S May 2006
Sanjeewa Jayasinghe May 2006
Isuru Samaraweera September 2006
Fran Boon July 2007
Prabath Kumarasinghe November 2007
Ishan Liyanage November 2007
Trishan de Lanerolle
Ravith Boteju March 2008
Antonio Alcorn August 2008
Ajay Kumar October 2008
Haniffa October 2008
Viraj October 2008
Hayesha Somarathne October 2008
Miyuru October 2008
Chamara October 2008
Nishantha October 2008
Greg Miernicki
Tim McNamara
Nilushan Silva

Senior Contributors

As per the meritocracy of contribution in Sahana, we recognize all forms of tangible contributions, weather it be documentation, translation work, quality assurance bug submission and the following list are people who have contributed consistently in various ways to the Sahana project.

Name Contributor Since Contribution Details / Home page
Paul Currion Sometime 2005 Punditry and gimcrackery
Gavin Threadgold
Louiqa Raschid
Tom Worthington
Mark Prutsalis Jan 2005 Requirements & Deployments
Dominic König March 2008 Translation work and hosting of pootle server

New Contributors

We like to recognize every tangible contribution as much as we can and would like to recognize your work.

Name Contribution Email
Ahmed Mohsen Arabic translation (lead)
Anas Afif Emad Arabic translation
Randa Samir Arabic translation
Ajay Kumar Hindi translation (lead) ajuonline at gmail dot com
Rajesh Ranjan Hindi translation
Nandeep Mali Hindi translation
Mahay Alam Khan Bengali translation (Bangladesh lead)
Arindam Ghosh Bengali translation (India)
Subhodip Biswas Bengali translation (India)
Taufiq Wirahman Bahasa Indonesia translation (lead)
Christiane Jost Portuguese translations (lead), translation process development, linguistic consulting
Jorge Maturana Spanish translations (lead)
Vincent Lalieu Russian translation
Gilbert Raja Tamil translation (lead)

PMC Members

PMC membership is the highest honor in the Sahana meritocracy and is bestowed on those who have made significant contributions to the success of the Sahana project. All PMC members can be found on PMC web page on the main site.

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