Here is a simple guideline for a consistent way for using the trackers.


  • Anyone
  • Users - Users of the Sahana applicatoin
  • Developers - Community developers registed on the Sourceforge project (includes Committers)
  • Committers - Recognized community members who have access to the CVS + core team

Note: A Developer become a Committer once his patches require very little modifications before being submitted by a Committer to the code based. Ultimately it is based on contribution to the project.

Bug Fix and Feature Submission Guideline

The steps given below following the following format

Action - [Role(s)]
  1. Enter a bug in the Bug Tracker - [Anyone] or Enter a Enhancement in the Feature Request Tracker - [Committers - for now]
  2. Assign the Bug (self-assignment mostly) - [Developers]
  3. Check validity of Bug and update bug status accordingly - [Developer, A]
  4. Work on the Bug and resolve it - [Developer, A]
  5. Create a patch and submit it to the Patch Tracker - [Developer, A]
  6. Assign the Patch (self-assigned mostly) - [Committers]
  7. Validate Patch and submit to CVS - [Committer, B]
  8. Close Patch request - [Committer, B]
  9. Close Bug or Enhancement Request - [Developer, A]


  1. You can find how to create a diff of a tree at the here

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