The Web Setup

The Sahana Web Setup is a web based setup process for Sahana. It will guide the user through setting up the database and the sahana users.

The setup has three steps.

  1. Dependency Check
  2. Database Setup
  3. Sahana Configuration

The Dependency Check

This step checks whether the sahana dependencies are installed. The dependencies are as follows.

  • Get Text Package.
  • PHP GD2 extension.

The setup will not proceed until all the dependencies are satisfied.

The Database Setup

This step will allow the user to select a DBMS and setup the Sahana database. The user needs to provide the following.

  • The DBMS (MySQL is selected by default)
  • The Host (The Host where the DBMS is located)
  • The DB Port (The port which the DB server listens)
  • The Database Username (The username of a user who has database creation permission)
  • The Database Password (The password of the above user)
  • The System Database Username (This username will be used by the sahana system to access the database. This user has permissions only to access the sahana system database tables. Hence the other databases on the same DBMS are not at a security risk.
  • The System Database Password (The password of the above system database username)

The Configuration

This step will allow configuration of the sahana instance. The followng should be provided by he user.

  • Sahana Unique Installation ID (generated randomly. You may need to edit this if there are multiple instances deployed, to uniquely identify each instance's data)
  • Administrator Name
  • A sahana administrator username
  • Sahana administrator password
  • Sahana normal user username
  • Sahana normal user password.

Further this step allows the user to select whether to enable ACL security (disable by default), and to choose a desired UI theme(default theme by default).
After completing this step the user can start sahana by clicking Start Sahana.

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