Shelter Registry


Shelter Registry module in Sahana Disaster Management System is for managing shelters/camp when disaster occurs.It tracks, store and view shelter information. This module helps to keep location ,capacity ,contact information ,etc.. of shelters and generating reports. Shelter can be a camp site , temporary shelter using permanent building or a mobile hospital. Shelter Registry is useful for allocating shelters to where it need, identify capacities and needs.

Main Features

  • Tracking of basic information on the location, facilities and size of the Shelters
  • GIS integration to view location details of the Shelter
  • Ability to customize the list of important facilities needed at a Shelter
  • Ability to customize the list of details tracked at a Shelter
  • Ability to customize the list of human resource tracked at a Shelter
  • Basic reports on the Shelter and drill-down by region
  • GIS Reports of Shelter


By default, shelter management module can be accessed only by Administrator, Super User or Camp Head. But if admin can set module privileges to access for the other users like Registered user or Anonymous user.

Add a Shelter

When disaster occurs new shelters should be allocated. Type of shelter ( Government , NGO ), Contact information, Location, available facilities, population should be stored to perform future actions.

  • Go to main menu and select shelter Registry
  • Select Add Shelter in module menu or click link Add Shelter in module Home page


In first page general information about shelters, contact and population details will be asked. Fill the text fields with appropriate data. If invalid data is entered ( ex: letters for capacity ) error message will be displayed and need to reenter correct data. Note:- Fields tagged with a star ( * ) are mandatory and must be filled.

  • Then click Next

Then it ask for Location information in another page. This location means exact location of shelter. There are two ways to do that and both appears in same page.One option can be used and not mandatory. But it is important to give that information because location information are used to generate graphical reports of shelter locations.

Option 1 :- GPS coordination

Enter the appropriate latitude and Longitude and click Next

Option 2 :- GIS mapping

Map appears in the page can be used to give the location in a graphical way instead of giving longitude and latitude manually.

for more information about Maps & GIS click here

  • Click Next

Then it ask services and facilities like water, sanitaries available in the shelter in a separate page. It is important to identify and fulfill essential needs Fill appropriate data.

  • Click Next

Then it show all details you entered.

  • If you want to edit the details you enter, Click Edit
  • Else , Click Finish

Search Shelter Details

After adding shelters it is needed to be manage, find out essential needs it important to search using several parameters. Two types of searchings are available in Shelter Registry.

Search by name

Search by shelter name or shelter type useful to categorize searching to separate government, NGO shelters. To search from using only name of the shelter instead of specifying type select type as ALL. To search only from type give the name as blank.

  • Select Search in module menu and then select Search by name

or Click on the Search by Name in module home page.

  • Give data to form and click Search

Then it display most important shelter information like name, capacity, address. By clicking 'shelter_name' all details can be viewed and also editing and deleting can be done. By clicking [edit] at right side of shelter name edit can be done directly.

Search by address

Search by the location of shelter using address of a shelter. This search does not categorized searching result according to type or any thing else.

  • Select Search in module menu ,then select Search by address

or Click on the Search by Address in module home page.

  • Give a address and Click Search

Note :- In both searching approaches they produce reports with identical look and feel. By clicking on a shelter name data of that shelter can be edited and deleted.

Edit Shelter Information

If a information regarding to a shelter needed to edited in several situation like upgrade service and facility information regarding shelters, changing capacity or amount of victims in a shelter and error corrections in shelter information.

  • Select Edit Shelter in module menu

or Click Edit Shelter in module home page

Next steps will be same as Search by Name action and it will produce a report alike the report produce by the Search by name action.

  • Click [edit] link in the report regarding to relevant shelter name

or Click on the shelter name, it will display details of that shelter and then click edit

  • Next steps will be same as Add Shelter

Delete Shelter Information

To delete shelter information there is no direct link from module home page or module sub menu due to various reason but delete a shelter information can be done after performing any Searching Action.

  • Click on the relevant Shelter name of report produce by the Searching action. It will show the page with all information of selected shelter.
  • Click delete Delete button at the bottom of the page.


Shelter registry module is listing shelter information using six reports including three graphical representations in a map.

View All Shelters

In View all shelters it produce a report including some most important data of all shelters.

  • Select Reports in module menu and select View All Shelters

or Click View all shelters in module home page.

Click on the name of a shelter to get detailed information and those information are editable.

View By Location

View by location produce a report categorized under the location of shelters with total numbers of shelters instead of listing all shelters.

  • Select Reports in module menu and select View By Location

or Click View by location in module home page.

By clicking on a location list of all shelters can be taken with some important fields.

Click on a shelter name to get detailed information of a shelter.

View Administrator Details

Generate a report including information only of administrators of each shelter.

  • Select Reports in module menu and select View Admin Details

or Click View admin details in module home page.

Map By Location

This shows graphical representation of all shelter locations on a map. Red arrow like object shows the location of a shelter. When a user click on that pop up will appears with the name of the shelter and a link, View. By clicking on the view all details of the shelter can be taken.

  • Select Reports in module menu and select Map by Location

or Click Map by location in module home page.

Map By infection

This shows a graphical representation of shelter by infection in a map. Color of the arrow changes on the percentage of infected count in a shelter. Shelters with low infection percentage is shown in green and shelters with high infection percentage is shown in red. When a arrow is clicked pop up will come with shelter name, infected percentage and a link View to get all details of the shelter.

  • Select Reports in module menu and select Map by infection

or Click Map by infection in module home page.

Map By population

This is a graphical representation of shelters by their population density to capacity percentage. This also generate map like Map By Infection. Color code of arrows are green if population to capacity percentage is low, orange to moderate and red for high percentage.

  • Select Reports in module menu and select Map by population

or Click Map by population in module home page.

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