Installation Guide - Finalizing your Install after Starting Sahana for the First Time

What You'll See at the 'Admin Home' Screen

Finalize Your Sahana Installation

There are still a few steps to be performed before you can start using your Sahana installation effectively. These items are given in priority order below:

  1. Add Locations - Please enter some of the regions affected in the disaster by clicking the navigation bar on “Location Hierarchy” followed by “Add New Location”
  2. Setup Google Maps - [Will change in version 0.7 to reflect OpenLayers] To get mapping to work you need to enter a Google Map key in the “Mapping / GIS” section to do this. By default mapping is enabled for the localhost access only.
  3. Configure Default Security - By default Sahana is installed with open access. To prevent unauthorized access to the system enable logins and security by clicking “Enable Security.”

Current Security state: Disabled [will vary depending on what you did earlier]

Finalization Tips

1. Configuring the Location Levels and Specific Locations

Suppose you want to configure Sahana for your location in Thailand, by adding province, town, and village locations to the database. If you go immediately to 'Add New Location', you’ll see a blank drop-down list of ‘Country’, ‘State’, and ‘City’. Before entering specific location data, consider the design of the location hierarchy, which is adjusted on the ‘Location Terminology’ page.

  1. Choosing the Number of Levels - Typically, the levels represent a conventional political or mailing-address hierarchy, in which individual items at a particular level do not overlap geographically. To simplify location entry, it is often convenient to have a single level representing ‘City/Town/Village’. It is conceivable an installation might choose to have other than 3 levels, e.g., an additional lowest-level for 'Postal Code' or 'Neighborhood'.
  1. Changing a Level’s Name - You might prefer ‘District/Province’ instead of ‘State’ for Level 2. There is no means of direct modification of the label names in ‘Location Terminology’, or of re-ordering them. For now, the simplest method is by editing the database. Or, before any specific location information is entered, delete the three levels and enter your own.
  1. Basic Location Entry using the Default 3-Level Hierarchy - Begin by adding Thailand as a ‘Country’. Next, create the first 'State'. Then, select that state and create the cities within that state. Continue through the other states and their cities.

2. Installing the Google Maps Key

See the Administration Module Guide, 'GIS Config' for acquiring and installing the key, then setting the default map location.

3. Enabling Security

See the Administration Module Guide, 'Security Config' [not yet written].

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