Situation Mapping


The Situation Mapping module provides a mechanism to collaboratively provide an overview of the developing disaster, using online mapping (GIS).This module help to view the particular area map and provide facility to add markers and pictures to pin point incidents on the map.It is possible to get information about distribution of disaster areas using Situation Mapping.

Main Features

  • Provides a map based view of the disaster situtation
  • Allow users to collaboratively add markers of the developing disaster situation

Description of Actions

  • Add Situation Markers
  • View Situation Map
  • General Map

Add Situation Markers

When display disaster areas,shelters/camps graphycally(on a map),it is easy to identify,classify locations according to particular task. “Add Situation Markers” Add markers(graphical icons) on the map of incidents and objects with pictures.

  1. Go to the main menu and select Situation Mapping
  2. Select Add Map Marker in module menu or click the link Add Situation Markers in module Home page.
  3. Then fill the form and click Add Detail
    NOTE: Fields tagged with a star (*) are mandatory and must be filled.
    1. Enter a short descriptive name to describe the situation to the Name of situation detail field and Select the type of the situation(This will be used in filtering) to the Wiki Type field in Main Details.
    2. provide a URL of a website or a wiki site for more information to the URL field and Enter the date of the situation event to the Date of Event field in Extra Details.
    3. If a name is provided in Author field, it will be publicly displayed with the other information.
  4. There are two ways to do this step.
    1. Method 1
      1. Enter the GPS(Global Position System) coordinates and click Next.
    2. Method 2
      • You can use maps form a map server to mark the latitude and longitudes.
      • Please see here to get more details on how to use Google Maps with situation mapping feature.
  5. Finally upload the image you want to display with the mapping and click next.

View Situation Map

View the map of particular location with developing situations with markers.When click the marker can view some additional information with uploaded image.

  1. Select Situation Map in module menu or click the link View Situation Map in module Home page.
  2. Select the Situation Type from the Filter option and click Filter
    NOTE:Situation Type is same as the Wiki Type describe in Add Situation Markers section.
  3. Then display the map according to selected Situation Type with markers
    NOTE:Click the marker to view some additional information.

General Map

Display the general map without markers and other added information.Select General Map in module menu or click the link General Map in module Home page.

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