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Installation Guides

Installing Sahana takes a few steps, because it runs off a web server. Users will end up running Sahana through a web browser, rather than directly from the Start menu (if users run MS Windows).

Sahana in PHP

Retrieving the software (Phase 1)

General Users

Sahana is generally downloaded from Launchpad. If users run MS Windows, look for

Power Users

For developers and power users, Sahana can easily be retrieved via Launchpad Bazaar.

bzr launchpad-login username
bzr branch lp:sahana-php/0.6

For Trunk version:

bzr branch lp:sahana-php/old-trunk

See our installation instructions for reference. If users need a Launchpad account, go to

Getting Sahana Working (Phase 2)

This phase will install the software. Once everything appears to be working correctly, Sahana will do a self-check. Users will be asked to enter the details of their database users and passwords. Those instructions are detailed in phase 2, below.

GNU/Linux, BSDs and other Unixes
Mac OS X
One Laptop Per Child

Configuring Sahaha (Phase 3)

Next Steps (Phase 4)

Finalize your install after starting Sahana for the first time.
Users will now have a fully functioning, but empty, instance of Sahana running on your machine. This last phase will show users how to make the most of their experience.

User Documentation

System / Module User Guides

For Administrators

These guides illustrate the functinos of the Adminstration module. Administrators should be familiar with the user priviledge and situation management hierarchies supported by Sahana.

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