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We hope to have an executable installer that installs all Sahana components and dependancies soon, 
however until then please bear with the following manual procedure:

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MS Windows Installation Guide

Who Should Read This Guide

This guide is meant for users using the step-by-step installation/configuration, which is the default and recommended method of installing Sahana. It is intended for both novices and experienced administrators.


We will be creating of a WAMP setup, which stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP. It is a standard and well-used configuration for millions of websites worldwide. You have two choices to installing the pre-requsities. Several applications will install all of these for you. We will be demonstrating the WampServer application in this guide. You are also able to install and configure each of them individually.

List of pre-requisites

Server Software

Sahana requires the following to be installed:

  • PHP 5.0 or later, which is the programming language used for the application
    • including the latest php5-gd library
  • MySQL 4.1 or later, which provides Sahana's database
  • Apache web server 1.3 or later, which will bring the application together via a web broswer

Fortunately a installation package called WampServer installs all the above in one sequence.

All modern visual browsers that support JavaScript will run Sahana smoothly, such as:

Lynx and other text browsers will


WampServer Installation Procedure

  • Download WAMP v1.7.4 from here. Due to a conflict between Sahana(v0.6.2) and the latest version of WAMP (WampServer 2.0), the newest version should be avoided.


  • If possible, run the executable directly inside your browser. Otherwise save it and then start the installer. You will be greeted by this screen.


  • Accept the License Agreement and click “Next”


  • Choose the installation location (default works fine) and click “Next”


  • Select Start Menu Folder and click “Next”


  • Select Additional Tasks for Auto Start if required and click “Next”


  • Setup is now ready to begin installing WAMP5 on your computer. Click “Install”


  • At this point, the installer will begin to copy files. No user action is required.


  • Select a directory for your Document Root and click “OK”


  • Enter php mail parameter which is the smtp server to be used by php to send e-mails ===


  • Enter the e-mail address to be used by php to send e-mails


  • Select the default browser



  • If you use any firewall software (i.e. Windows Firewall) if prompted please make sure that WAMP services (Apache Web Server, MySQL) are exempted from the blocked list.



  • Click “Finish” to complete the WAMP5 setup wizard and launch WAMP5



Skype Users

Skype may result in a port conflict with Apache web-server included in WAMP. Therefore, make sure you re-start Windows to make sure that the WAMP services start before Skype. Skype will go for another free port when it starts.

adobd_logsql Error

Try using WAMP v1.7.4 if, after installing Sahana using WAMP v2 you get the message:

LOGSQL Insert Failed: insert into adodb_logsql (created,sql0,sql1,params,tracer,timer) values( NOW(),?,?,?,?,?)

Server Configuration

Accessing WAMP Control Menu

A WAMP control icon and menu should appear as shown below:

Configuration Files


Open the WAMP menu to Config files→php.ini to open the php.ini file.

Modify short_open_tag = Off to short_open_tag = On


Click on the WAMP menu item Config files→my.ini. Modify default-storage-engine=INNODB to default-storage-engine=MYISAM.

PHP Configuration

Sahana needs php_gd2 for image manipulations and php-gettext for to local languages. These are extensions to the PHP programming language that you installed with WAMP.

Enable the extensions by clicking on the WAMP menu item PHP extensions→<extension name> where <extension name> is php_gd2 and php_gettext.

Please check if the above extensions are enabled after you clicked them (as it sometimes does not work). A small triangle should appear on the left of the extension name when it is enabled. Ignore the error box if it appears.

Then restart the WAMP server.

Sahana Installation

  1. Download the version of Sahana .zip (e.g. from LaunchPad.
  2. Extract the .zip file to where is convienent for you.
  3. Open WAMP menu item www directory. You are looking for the Apache server's www directory.
  4. Include the sahana directory into the www directory that was created in step 2.
  5. Point your browser to http://localhost/sahana/www.

Sahana web-install walkthrough

The Sahana system will now walk you through the steps required, so that it can talk to the WAMP system that you have just enabled.

Sahana self-check

Sahana will first self-check to see whether it has everything it needs in order to run. If anything went wrong above, you will need to go over the steps again.



Database Configuration

Enter the database configuration details from your WAMP setup and proceed with the installation.

Sahana configuration

This step allows you to create the first users of the Sahana instance you are creating. They will allow you to test how things operate from an Administrator's point of view and an end user's.

Enter “Installation Details, Administrator Account details and Normal User Account details” and click “Write Configuration File”

wamp17-1.jpg wamp17-2.0.jpg wamp17-3.jpg

Start Sahana

Congratualtions. Setup is complete. Start Sahana by clicking “Start Sahana”

Allowing access from other machines

 Use this section only if you wish to allow multi-user access.
 Opening your machine to the Internet creates a security risk.

To allow others to access your Sahana installation, modify the Apache configuration file. This is available from the WAMP menu at Config files→httpd.conf.


<Directory "c:/wamp/www">
Order Allow, Deny
Deny all
Allow from


<Directory "c:/wamp/www">
Order Allow, Deny
Allow all
  • Restart the Apache server by clicking on the WAMP menu item Apache→Restart Service
  • Check if it works by accessing your machine from another machines web browser as follows
http://<your IP address>/www/sahana

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