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Location Config

For a discussion of one project's grappling with configuration of the Location Hierarchy, Country Codes, and other items, see Configuring and Customizing Sahana Content for the Lost Person Finder Project. The particular thrust is about choosing appropriate coding standards and data sources for populating Missing Person Registry user interface controls.

Location (Batch Import Patch)

The admin interface allows locations to be added to Sahana via the Location Heirarchy tab. The ability to add a large number of locations to Sahana is severly limited in that only a single location can be add at a time. So, if a large number of locations must be entered (ie. 1000), then the task becomes massively time consuming.

Hence, we have created a patch against Sahana that allows for the batch importing of locatins via .csv files.

The new interface for batch importing is documented here.

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