User and situation management hierarchy

Sahana Disaster Management System designed to follow the following hierarchical models.

Human resources

  • Site Administrators - are IT technicians.
    This level of priviledge sets up and initial configuration of the system. Site administrators are often known as “sys admins”. They have several important functions, including creating organization administrators, telling Sahana its location and activating modules depending on operational requirements.
  • Organization administrators - are supervisors.
    They manage the user registration and also assign tasks to registered users.
  • Registered users - are staff.
    This level of user can operates Sahana and can use organization resources.
  • Anonymous users - are external visitors.
    They can view most of the information available in the system. For example, they can search and view data and submit missing person reports.

Organization hierarchy

  • Organizations - represent whole agencies.
    This term represents an operational organization. It may be located within the country affected or overseas. This level is represented by a parent organization, holding company or similar agency in that capacity.
  • Departments, subsidiaries or branches - represent sections of organizations that have been added to Sahana.
    These are sub sections within an organization. These sub sections might have same or different physical locations of operation.

Disaster Situation hierarchy

Disaster situations are represented by Sahana by three following keywords. Their definition is arbitrary, and can represent any three levels of incident as determined by the operational circumstances.

  • Disasters - are defined as the overall situation for which Sahana has been deployed.
    It may represent such as a flood in a general area. Note, if your deployment is for a city only, you will be required to have this as your top level.
  • Events - are subdisasters.
    They might represent flooding in a city, as part of the disaster.
  • Incidents - are subsubdisasters.
    They could represent individual buildings within the flooded city.

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