Reporting System


Reporting system plays a major roll in sahana disaster management system because whatever the users fed to the system,can be seen in a organized manner and it is really important to get an idea about the current situation of the disaster management as well as these reports can be used as attachments for official letters in order to request more aids or any other purpose.Sahana disaster management system produces various reports in several file formats(pdf,html…) also it provides facilities to customize the report generating process as well.

getting started with reports

Click on the Reporting System menu item on the sahana main menu and then the sahana Reporting System menu will appear with the reporting system home page.


Reporting System Main Menu


Conventionally this link directs to the reporting system home page

Report/Chart search

Sahana disaster management system does not create reports when you request a particular report.It assembles reports periodically from system data and keep them in order to provide when the user requested (this behavior can be changed but this optimizes the performance of the system if the system consists of huge amount of data).So if the user have no idea about the name of a particular report, it can be searched using this menu item.

First select the report/chart and fill the given text boxes (except key word search) and click on search button.If the user don't know about select detail he/she can do a keyword search but search category should be first selected.If you click on the do exact search, the system will try to match given details exactly with the report details but sometimes it will not provide effective result.


Configuration menu item allow user to select reports or charts updating frequency.(as described above section).For instance. if the frequency is set to 30 minutes,after every 30 minutes,the all created report are updated with the newly entered data to the system.

Module Report Aggregrator sub menu

Aid catalog This report category simply report you about the Aid Category module (catalog) with varous kind of file formats.Click on the in front of download to view or save the report

Volunteer Coordination This report tells user about various kind of volunteers work on disaster management.volunteer coordination .This report is currently not vailable

Organization Registry These report about organizations which are registered with the sahana system.organization registry

Missing Person Registry This menu item provide the user with reports about missing persons.MPR

Inventory Management This menu item directs the user to the information about the inventories.Inventory

Generate Sample Reports

This link is on the reporting system's homepage.By clicking this link,user is promoted enter details about the report which is going to be generated.The significance of this link is that it doesn't provide system generated reports but it allows user to create a report according to the needs. Report details are the properties of the report such as name and its title,what it contains (short description),a image (if you want.).Mete data is how this report can be searched in the system using the given keyword.Therefore it is important to type a key word which represent the report.Then select module/custom (if module selected,the will be directed to generate reports about modules) and file format.Click on create report button.

Then the user has to select the module (if module selected) and which table wants and a search keyword for which items are looking on selected table(if do exact search is checked,system will find exactly matchings with the key word).Then click on seacrh.Now the system will generate the results and click on Add table and Create report.

Dynamic Reporting Facility

With this feature, the user can create their own reports using the sahana database by just dragging and dropping. if you want to create a report from one database table, click on the Report from one table menu item and the almost all the sahana database tables will be displayed. Then click a table in the table to choose panel and drag it to the chosen table panel.Next the field of the selected table are shown and drag the required fields in the report to the right hand panel and then click on the create report button.

If the user is in need if creating a report from more than one table, just click on Reports from several tables. The process is same as above. First select one table from the table list and in the next window, the suitable other table are suggested and select what you want from them as well as fields. If you select another table from the suggested table list, the fields of that table will be displayed in different color.

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